10 Questions with Naor Nativ

Naor Nativ - Entrepreneur and Investor

Who is Naor Nativ? 

My name is Naor Nativ, a young entrepreneur based in the United States. My business assets include a Gold Refinery Franchise in the Middle East and a couple of other franchises in the Home Improvement and Local Services in the United States. I am currently focusing on investing in young innovative entrepreneurs involved in the digital technology world, especially in iOS Apps.  

What is your passion in the Luxury world?

I consider luxury as a way of life rather than an exception to the norm. My passion for the luxury world has no limit. In my personal philosophy, if you want a Rolex or a luxury car, you can just buy it without any limitation.  

Are you an entrepreneur? If so, how did you become an entrepreneur?

I consider myself as a young entrepreneur with a strong passion for luxury goods and lifestyle. My journey in the world of business was largely influenced by a strong desire to create wealth by investing in luxury goods and items. That was the inspiration behind the Gold Refinery Franchise I established in the Middle East. I am now focusing on digital technology such as iOS apps.    

What is your goal?

As a young entrepreneur, my goal is to achieve financial security and freedom by investing in solid long-term projects with the best return on investment. With financial security and freedom, I’ll be able to travel extensively, grow my businesses, and lead a comfortable lifestyle. 

If there were three words you can characterize yourself as what would those three words be?

Organized. Passionate. Driven.

What is Luxury to you? 

In my opinion, luxury is the perfect combination of high quality, comfort, and uniqueness. It’s a standard of quality or a mark of authenticity with a veil of exclusivity. Luxury is the ability to take simple pleasures in the quality of an experience you enjoy or in something that you own such as a high-end watch, boat, or attire. It’s a way of life for me. 

What do you believe the future of Luxury is?

Luxury is on an ever-changing trend. What was considered as luxury a few years ago is now commonplace, thanks to rapid advances in technology. For instance, quick home delivery services that were only available to the wealthy and affluent are now a reality for regular urbanites. Everyone can afford Uber services. Technology has not only made life easier for everyone but has also undermined the notion of luxury. 

The future of luxury will, therefore, be in brands that show their unique selves and make life easier for the user. The luxury consumer of the future will not just be looking for something rare but for something that expresses their unique personality traits as well. It’s a safe bet to say that tomorrow’s luxury will depend more on technological innovations than on the rarity of an item or experience. 

What do you want the world to know about you?

I would like the world to know me as a strong, passionate, and successful entrepreneur in luxury goods and items. I would also like to be recognized as an entrepreneur who invests in technologies that solve present and future challenges in the business world. 

What impact would you like to make?

I’d like to leave a strong impact on young entrepreneurs seeking to succeed in the luxury world. I want to be a source of inspiration and motivation for other entrepreneurs. I’d like young businesspeople in the future to look up to my work as a source of inspiration. 

What would you say to someone that lusts The Luxury Lifestyle?

You deserve to lead a luxury lifestyle so never give up regardless of the challenges you are currently facing. Instead, find the right connections, learn from those who have made it, and get the right angle or approach that suits your unique circumstances.  

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