2023 Interior Design Trends To Invest In, According To Experts

2023 Interior Design Trends

With the new year comes new resolutions, a popular one is for people to improve and upgrade their homes to fit new styles and trends. 

The interior design world sees many different styles come and go – it can be difficult to know which are here to stay, and which are on their way out. Juliettes Interiors have highlighted some of the key trends we can expect to see this year, using their expert opinion and also by looking at what people are searching for.

Below are some of the key trends we can expect to see more of in 2023:

  • Industrial design will be even bigger in 2023 Best Interior Design, according to search data, which saw a 24% increase in searches at the end of 2022. Art Deco is also an Interior Design style we expect to see more of. 

Juliette Thomas, Director of Juliettes Interiors commented: “In 2023, we can expect people to continue to use a combination of metals and woods, and textured fabrics and wallpapers. This is a great way to achieve a high-end modern, contemporary look, but with a trendy luxurious feel.”

  • Gold is a colour we expect to see being incorporated into homes a lot this year. Using gold in interiors brings a luxurious and modern feel to your home – the colour is no longer tied to classic interiors and is often used as a finish on metal and as an accent. Gold being popular also supports the trend prediction of the Art Deco style becoming popular again.

Juliette revealed: “Gold and brushed brass finishes are very much at the forefront of 2023 interior design trend predictions.”  

  • In 2023, formal dining rooms will be a thing of the past! Instead, the living room will be a main focus of interior design, with search data showing a 22% increase in searches for ‘living room interior design’ towards the end of 2022. 

Juliette explained: “There is more of a focus on combining the kitchen and living rooms, and doing away totally with formal dining rooms. It’s a sign of the times – home entertaining has become very sociable and is reserved for mainly family and close friends compared to years ago.”

In the past few years, the interior design industry has grown massively. Data shows that ‘interior design’ gets an average of 40,500 searches a month, proving how interested we all are in styling our homes and making the interior much more impressive. 

Juliette summarised: The interior design of a home is definitely being taken more seriously at any level, not just for those that can afford a high-end interior designer. With so many working from home remotely and entertaining from home after covid, people are now putting more effort into their homes.”