The Power Couple of Beverly Hills: Simon and Sharon Ourian

Based in Beverly Hills, Simon and Sharon Ourian exemplify today’s modern couple. Balancing successful careers, family life, and a shared passion for winemaking, their story is one of ambition and a relentless drive to excel in their respective fields.

We recently visited Sharon and Simon at their Beverly Hills home. The Ourians graciously opened their doors to offer a glimpse into their lives.

As we toured their exquisite residence, it quickly became apparent that their journey is defined by hard work and unwavering resolve. Simon’s sculptures adorn the house, alongside a vineyard and a pickleball court, reflecting their diverse passions and accomplishments.

Simon Ourian: The Aesthetic Visionary

Simon Ourian, a renowned cosmetic dermatologist, is the founder of Epione Beverly Hills, a leading aesthetic medical center. Known for his pioneering techniques in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, Simon has garnered a celebrity clientele and a reputation for excellence in the field of aesthetic medicine. His work has been featured in numerous media outlets, and he continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in cosmetic dermatology.

Simon’s dedication to his work is something felt deeply by his patients. His approach has not only transformed the lives of many, but has also seen the creation of numerous patented techniques. 

People should be able to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. You only get one, after all,” Simon states in one interview. His techniques, such as the Coolaser and non-surgical nose jobs, have made beauty more accessible and less invasive as a whole.

Beyond his professional achievements, Simon’s journey is a tale of internal strength and skill. Born in Iran and moving to Los Angeles in the 1980s, he faced the challenges of adapting to a new culture and language. His early experiences shaped his unique approach to cosmetic dermatology, blending scientific precision with an artist’s eye. 

Everyone is beautiful on the inside. All I do is reveal that beauty,” he asserts, referring to his belief of enhancing, rather than altering natural beauty.

Sharon Ourian: The Digital Education Pioneer

Sharon Ourian, on the other hand, has chosen to leave her legacy in the digital education space. As the CEO of CyberActive, a digital driver’s education platform, Sharon’s work lies in helping thousands navigate the complexities of modern American roads. Both Sharon and CyberActive itself have been highlighted in numerous prestigious publications – evidence to the effectiveness of her leadership.

Having graduated from the University of California’s School of Law and formerly the executive vice president of TestMasters, Sharon’s guidance has allowed CyberActive’s platform to grow exponentially to serve governments, school districts, and private businesses with large fleets, as her company now offers a range of online courses that cater to all ages from pre-licensed teens to mature drivers. “Proper driver’s ed isn’t just a luxury. Everyone with access to a vehicle should master it, for their safety and others,” Sharon asserts.

The success of CyberActive is a testament to Sharon’s vision and determination, inspiring many women in tech and business. Sharon’s ability to foresee the potential of online education has positioned CyberActive as a leader in the industry, providing quality education to thousands of students.

Today, CyberActive has created dozens of customized driving courses tailored to student’s geographical location, learning needs and even availability. Schools, districts and corporations enjoy the benefits of CyberActive’s online learning platform to instruct the next generation of drivers.

Ourian Real Estate Portfolio

Beyond their individual successes, Simon and Sharon have combined their entrepreneurial spirits to build a substantial real estate portfolio through Ourian Investments. This venture manages a diverse array of properties, reflecting their keen eye for valuable investments and their commitment to building a lasting legacy. Their portfolio includes luxury residences, commercial properties, and innovative developments that contribute to the community’s growth.

Ourian Investments is not just a business; it is a reflection of their shared values. The couple and their team identify lucrative opportunities to capitalize on, resulting in a robust portfolio that spans multiple states.

Adding to their impressive list of ventures, the Ourians share a passion project of their own; a vineyard. The vineyard is a sanctuary where the couple can unwind and connect with nature. “Winemaking is an art that requires patience and precision,” Sharon notes. 

The couple takes pride in every step of the winemaking process, from grape cultivation to the final bottling, ensuring that each wine reflects their dedication to quality. Christened after their own last name, the Ourian Family Estate Cabernet Sauvignon holds a reputation for “mature berry flavors” and a hint of “spiciness” in its flavor profile.

Family Life in Beverly Hills

Despite their busy professional lives, Simon and Sharon strive to prioritize their family, ensuring their children are raised in a vibrant and nurturing environment. Though their lifestyle comes at the cost of hard work, it is work well worth the effort. The Ourians’ home is a haven of warmth and love, where family time is cherished. “I don’t know where I would be without my children. Simon and I, everything we’ve built, it’s all for them,” Sharon says. 

Weekends are often spent with our children, going on hikes, driving them around and just having fun. This couple believes in leading by example, instilling in their children the importance of perseverance, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence. “We want our children to understand that success comes from dedication and a willingness to work hard,” Simon adds.

Beyond a mere power couple; Sharon and Simon Ourian exemplify what shared strength and love can achieve. From successful businesses, a thriving real estate portfolio and a vineyard, their lifestyle is one built on a foundation of consistency and sheer grit.

When questioned on what’s next for the unstoppable duo, Sharon says, “We’re going to continue expanding our horizons. CyberActive, Epione, buying more real estate and most importantly, spending as much time making new memories with our children.