5 Menswear Marvels: Unveiling the Spring/Summer 2024 Fashion Revolution at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2024 shows have recently wrapped up, giving us an amazing view of future men’s fashion. This season many well-renowned designers attended this event, some of the most established names like Michael Kors, and Colina Strada as well as up-and-coming designers like Advisry and Chan Chit Lo. 

Here are five menswear trends that stole the spotlight during this exciting event.

1. Loud(er) Luxury

COS, renowned for its understated elegance, surprised us with oversized silhouettes and daring fabrics. A dark green overcoat with a commanding presence and golden dress pants that exuded opulence were among the highlights of their collection.

Other designers joined the chorus for more expressive fashion. Willy Chavarria adorned his oversized suits with massive roses and paired glittering pants with graphic T-shirts. Teddy Vonranson opted for playful fashion by incorporating abstract artwork inspired by Henri Matisse into his topcoat designs. Fforme made a statement with a metallic jacket and shorts ensemble, marking a departure from their usual subdued aesthetic.

While extravagant designs were still prevalent, this season shifted away from the subdued styles that have recently dominated the fashion industry.

2. The See-Through Shirt

Sheer fabrics took center stage on the runways of New York Fashion Week SS24, particularly in menswear. LaQuan Smith showcased a collection that prioritized skin-baring looks, featuring dark-blue polos, light-blue turtlenecks, and black mock necks, all tastefully balanced with pants and jackets for coverage.

Palomo Spain embraced the see-through trend with lace-laden button-down shirts that offered glimpses of the skin beneath. Their detailed tops took a more unapologetic approach to showcasing the male form, with corset-like iterations adorned with floral embroidery. Eckhaus Latta also embraced sheerness in various looks, including torso-baring tops and button-down shirts with a mix of transparent and opaque sections.

3. Sophisticated Workwear

Workwear has always been a cornerstone of menswear, but this season brought an elevated interpretation of utility and construction. Dion Lee celebrated functionality with wrenches incorporated into corsetry, tool belts on boots, and multi-pocketed denim trousers with a luxurious finish. Who Decides War showcased utilitarianism with jackets featuring massive pockets, trousers with storage units, and button-up shirts with various tool holders.

LUAR approached workwear with a subversive take on office attire, featuring logo-strapped ties paired with formal dress pants and high-shouldered collared shirts adorned with crystal armbands. Private Policy followed suit with function-first silhouettes, including topcoats with lunch bag-sized pockets, shirts with multiple pull tabs and hooks, vests with zippered pouches, and denim with an abundance of compartments.

4. The Short-Short

Designers embraced exaggeration in their designs, with high-hemline shorts stealing the show. Designed for warm weather, the short-short became a prominent trend on multiple runways, including AKNVAS, LaQuan Smith, Gypsy Sport, and LUAR.

AKNVAS introduced a variety of high-cut shorts in different textiles and colors, from red leather to metallic silver. LaQuan Smith’s runway featured denim short-shorts, paired with the previously mentioned sheer polo. Gypsy Sport showcased black short-shorts, complemented by a beaded blazer, while LUAR contributed plaid versions and fur-lined sweat-shorts to the thigh-bearing trend.

5. Regal Formalwear

New York Fashion Week SS24 featured a regal theme in formalwear, with designers offering pieces fit for a palace. Advisry’s collection included tweed suits in various colorways, adorned with gold buttons and elevated shoulders. Palomo Spain, known for its genderless approach, took it up a notch with corset-turned-shirts paired with feathered headpieces, cropped blazers over lace shirts, and floral-embossed jackets matched with matching skirts. 

Tanner Fletcher drew inspiration from past decades, presenting a series of crown-worthy pieces, including a suede green suit with shiny lapels and a free-flowing sheer tie, an all-white ensemble adorned with purple flowers, and a sequined iteration featuring a floral graphic and gold buttons. Collina Strada contributed silky, lace-covered suiting with a fluffy train trailing behind, adding to the regal ambiance of the runway.