7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Luxury Kenya Safaris This Year

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If you are interested in wildlife and want to make the most of your holidays you can choose from a variety of luxury wildlife options. These days many solo travelers, couples and even families choose luxury wildlife holidays that would allow them to get into the wilderness and experience moments like never before. Kenya remains one of the top spots for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. Hence, you can look for various luxury packages that would allow you to spend your time precisely the way you want. 

Also, when you are looking for luxury Kenya safaris you must have clarity on how you can plan your itinerary to help you enjoy your holidays the way you prefer. If you are running out of time you can always hire travel companies and professionals who have relevant experience and expertise to help you enjoy your luxury safari holidays in Kenya. If you have never tried luxury wildlife holidays in Kenya before here are 7 reasons why you should try it this year. 

Stay in the Heart of the Wilderness

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When you are thinking of luxury safari holidays in Kenya you would also want to focus on the best options you can find. There are many national parks in Kenya that can provide you with excellent and luxurious accommodations. This allows you to stay right in the heart of the wilderness and experience nature like never before. Also, if you are not staying in and outside the national parks you can find plenty of luxury accommodations that would ensure that you can enjoy the best panoramic views of the African landscape. This allows you to enjoy the lush nature and wildlife without having to compromise on safety and luxury. Many villas and luxury camps allow you to enjoy the African wildlife right from the comfort of your property. From these luxurious villas and lodges, you can watch herds of elephants, and hippos relaxing in the water and rhinos grazing in the distance. 

Accommodation Choices

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Choosing the right safari accommodation can make a difference. Hence, you need to choose from a variety of options you can find. Here you can find luxury safari lodges, exclusive villas and lavish safari resorts. Whether you are going solo, with your partner or family you can choose from various accommodations based on your preferences and requirements. These properties come with all modern amenities and facilities ensuring that you can have a great time when you are exploring Kenya’s wildlife and natural landscapes. You can book these properties online to ensure that there are no last-moment discrepancies. 

Endless Outdoor Adventures


If you are looking for outdoor adventures, Kenya will not disappoint. Many outdoor adventure activities will keep your itinerary busy and help you explore the Kenyan landscape. Game drives are immensely popular and therefore you can look for luxury safari packages that would provide you with excellent game drives. These game drives not only allow you to go deep into the core wildlife area but also get to see predators in action as you follow them along with an experienced wildlife guide. Apart from the game drives you can also look for various other outdoor adventures like walking safaris, boat safaris, helicopter safaris and hot air balloon safaris. This allows you to explore the terrain in different ways offering you a great overall experience. If you are heading for the beaches of Kenya you can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving activities as well. 

Experienced Wildlife Guides

When you opt for luxury safari holidays you also get professional and experienced wildlife safari guides that would ensure that you can have the best time in Kenya. These local guides know the landscape and terrain like the back of their hand and they can take you to the right places at the right time. This can elevate your wildlife safari holiday experience as you get all the relevant information to help you make sense of your game drives and outdoor activities. These guides can also share various local stories and experiences which add to the overall experience. Since you are paying a premium above the regular safari packages you also get to visit various off-beat locations and secret spots which would allow you to enjoy the Kenyan landscape like no other. 

Bespoke Experiences and Activities

While there are many safari packages you can choose the best part about luxury safari holidays is that you get to customize your holidays the way you prefer. Various travel companies would offer you custom itineraries that would ensure that you can enjoy bespoke experiences and activities based on what is ideal for you. This also means that you can spend your days and nights in Kenya doing what you want. This also includes plenty of spare time where you can just sit back and relax. You also get to soak up the sun in your private pool as you watch animals passing by. If you are looking for special outdoor adventures like hot air balloon or helicopter rides it can be arranged as per your preference. If you have kids with you they can participate in various kid’s-based activities to ensure they can make the most of the holidays in Kenya.

Relish Excellent Dining Options

Food is an important part of any holiday plan you make. Hence, it is essential that you also look for excellent food and drink choices that would help you enjoy your safari holidays in Kenya. When you choose luxury holidays in Kenya you can also enjoy some excellent gourmet cuisine as you watch over the Kenyan landscape. Most luxury accommodations in Kenya come with fine dining options where visitors get to enjoy excellent bush-side dinners, breakfasts and even food for picnics out in the wild. If you are heading out for a romantic getaway you can enjoy an intimate candlelight dinner and even request for a champagne or fine wine which would be served on the table. Various luxury properties also have chefs who would prepare items based on your preferences. This comes in handy when you have a kid and want a customized meal.

Various Cultural Experiences

Apart from experiencing and watching the Kenyan wildlife, you also get to experience the culture and traditions of Kenya when you opt for these luxury safaris. This allows you to go into the villages and meet friendly people who would further share details on local customs and traditions. You also get to know more about the lifestyle and the products that they make. Various packages would also include you attending their traditional ceremonies and this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that offers you a sneak peek into a different culture and be a part of it. 

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