A Glimpse into Luxury: The Art Deco Marvel of the Seas – Steamer 888

Steamer 888

In the world of luxury and design, few movements have left an indelible mark like Art Deco. A testament to its enduring appeal, the influence of Art Deco extends from iconic skyscrapers like New York City’s Empire State Building to literary works like F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, The Great Gatsby. 

Now, yacht designer Christian Leyk takes this design language to new heights with his visionary creation – the Steamer 888, a 289-foot superyacht concept that embodies the elegance and innovation of a bygone era.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Chrysler Building, Leyk’s design seamlessly marries the sleek lines and geometric precision of Art Deco with the opulence of luxury cruising.

The Steamer 888 draws parallels between nautical themes and the glamour of Art Deco. Leyk’s ingenuity is showcased in the yacht’s exterior and interior details, reminiscent of the elegance that defined the post-war era. 

The chrome accents, evoking the era’s fascination with streamlined designs, adorn the front sundeck cocktail bar, mirroring the radiator of a 1930s steam locomotive. The curving chrome handrail on the floating staircase pays homage to the Henry Dreyfuss-designed New York Central Hudson 4-6-4 steam locomotive, connecting the yacht’s design to the golden age of trains

Stepping onto the main deck of the Steamer 888, guests are greeted by a striking Art Deco feature – a curved, raised swimming pool with a mosaiced floor. The sunken floor area adorned with white ceramic tiles serves as both a water feature that reflects sunlight and a decorative space, exemplifying Leyk’s commitment to merging beauty and functionality.

While the Steamer 888 embodies the nostalgia of Art Deco, it doesn’t compromise on modern amenities and efficiency. Beneath its monochrome exterior lies a world of contemporary comforts, including glass balustrades and a frosted glass floor that bathes the lower deck in natural light. Two expansive salons, a full-beam owner’s suite, a beach club with a gym, and a touch-and-go helipad cater to the desires of modern luxury travelers.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Steamer 888 is its sleek and narrow displacement hull.

French design studio Silvia Iraghi Interiors lends its artistic touch to the Steamer 888’s interior, creating a harmonious blend of form and function. The rounded furniture and soft shapes of the interior seamlessly connect with the yacht’s Art Deco exterior. 

This vessel marks the first collaboration between Leyk and French design studio Silvia Iraghi Interiors, resulting in a breathtaking amalgamation of creativity and craftsmanship.

With its artful blend of Art Deco opulence, modern amenities, and maritime influences, this concept yacht extends an invitation to future owners to embrace the magic of exploration and elegance on the open seas.