A Luxurious Retreat Awaits At Karl Lagerfeld Hotel

Introducing THE KARL LAGERFELD MACAU, an exquisite five-star hotel at The Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macau. Inspired by the theme “In honor of Karl” at this year’s Met Gala, the hotel is a testament to the late Karl Lagerfeld’s brilliance in design. Scheduled to open in June, it will be the only hotel in the world entirely crafted by Lagerfeld himself.

Set against the backdrop of Macau’s stunning landscape, THE KARL LAGERFELD MACAU promises an unparalleled experience of opulence and sophistication. Lagerfeld’s iconic design aesthetic permeates throughout the entire establishment, offering guests a chance to immerse themselves in his visionary world. The hotel’s opening marks a momentous occasion, as it becomes a living testament to Lagerfeld’s legacy and his lasting impact on the world of fashion and design.

Guests can anticipate a truly unique and memorable stay at THE KARL LAGERFELD MACAU, where art, fashion, and hospitality converge in perfect harmony. From the meticulously crafted interiors to the larger-than-life artistic installations, each element showcases Lagerfeld’s unparalleled creativity and innate sense of style. The hotel aims to provide an exclusive haven for travelers seeking an extraordinary escape, where they can indulge in the finest luxuries and embrace the timeless elegance epitomized by Lagerfeld’s work.


 An exceptional hotel property, owned by SJM Resorts S.A., with 271 luxurious rooms. Alongside its remarkable accommodations, the hotel offers a range of enticing amenities and facilities. Mesa Restaurant, helmed by renowned chef José Avillez, promises a culinary experience filled with gastronomic delights. The hotel also boasts a stunning Book Lounge, housing a carefully curated collection of 4,000 books for guests to enjoy. Additionally, guests can indulge in ultimate relaxation at the spa and wellness center, complete with both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. All of these incredible features were envisioned by the late fashion mogul, ensuring a unique and memorable stay for guests.

Each of the 271 rooms and suites embodies a harmonious blend of classic Chinese design and contemporary Western aesthetics. The custom-made headboards draw inspiration from auspicious Chinese coins symbolizing good fortune. Handmade porcelain vases from Jingdezhen add an authentic touch, while circular room dividers take inspiration from traditional Chinese moon gates. The hotel features specially commissioned furnishings, including stunning sculptures by Dutch artist Marcel Wanders and French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel, along with elegant Terzani chandeliers. The design concept showcases Lagerfeld’s impeccable taste, seamlessly combining cultural influences to create a sophisticated and visually captivating ambiance throughout the hotel.

The highly anticipated grand opening of THE KARL LAGERFELD MACAU will be commemorated with multi-day celebrations in June. Situated at Rua do Tiro, Cotai, Macao, the hotel promises to be a remarkable destination for luxury and style.