AET Remould Introduces The Impressions Collection, Remodeling New All-Ceramic Models

Known for their innovative watch designs, AET REMOULD continues expansion of their timepiece creations with the new Impressions Collection. The iconic watch has been reimagined in a full ceramic case and bracelet, with colorful gradient dials inspired by two iconic locations – Bergen and Hawaii. 

Constantly taking inspiration from nature, AET REMOULD looked to emulate the natural beauty of two of the most famous travel destinations in their Impressions Collection. This collection marks the first time the brand has used gradient coloring in its dials, which elegantly captures the unique natural phenomena of Bergen, Norway and the state of Hawaii. “Bergen Sunrise” as the first iteration is named, is inspired by the sunrise scene on Norway’s west coast. When the sun rises in this picturesque location surrounded by mountains and bays, it presents a charming light and shadow effect. Interpreting the scenic ambiance into the Bergen Sunrise watch results in a dreamy gradient of pink to purple. The other model named “Hawaii Sunset” captures quite the contrast as the former timepiece, depicting an opposite corner of the world and time of day. Because of Hawaii’s unique geographical and climatic advantages, it is known to have one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. A transition from yellow to green is presented in the Hawaii Sunset watch, perfectly evoking the tropical state’s atmosphere at dusk.

Looking beyond the immediate eye-catching gradient dials, these watch compositions are constructed with the innovative use of white ceramic. Bringing a pure and integrated appearance, both the strap and case are made of white ceramic, a pleasure to look at and to wear. Utilizing ceramic as a material is ultra lightweight, and lends itself to a soft feel on the wrist. However, as pleasant as its appearance is, ceramic is in fact complicated to work with. Firstly, the brittleness of the ceramic material is difficult to process, requiring professional techniques to ensure the molding accuracy and surface quality. Secondly, the shape and size of the ceramic case and strap are very demanding and require precise design. Third, due to the high hardness and high scratch resistance of the ceramic material, it is difficult to engrave and process detail on its surface. To accomplish the task, AET REMOULD invested tremendously into the ceramic manufacturing process. After a study of more than 70 program demonstrations, self-developed advanced technology allows the technicians to complete this not so easy feat. In addition, the ceramic material of AET REMOULD is sintered at over 1400°C in order to reveal the uniform color of the material. After curing, every line, angle and bevel is carefully hand-finished to achieve the perfect ceramic texture. 

Between the unique designs and complexity of craftsmanship lies the rarity of AET REMOULD timepieces, world-renowned as the finest on the market. This duo of timepieces reflect the high level of attention to design, innovation, and distinction which the brand continues to represent. Unlike past releases, The Impressions Collection will be available starting May 20th, for a period of 1 week only, or until the limited edition of 12 pieces sell out. To learn more, visit