AMBUSH Collaborates with Coca-Cola for an Exclusive Limited-Edition Capsule Collection

Unveiling the innovative Coca-Cola Y3000 flavor.

Renowned Japanese premium streetwear label, AMBUSH, has joined forces with Coca-Cola to create a limited-edition collection of apparel and accessories that epitomize the essence of future fashion. This extraordinary capsule collection was conceived in partnership with Coca-Cola’s latest venture, the Y3000 Zero Sugar beverage, a product brought to life through the ingenuity of artificial intelligence.

Launched in September, this beverage is an ode to the futuristic flavors envisioned by AI technology. Staying true to the theme of the future, the collection was captured using the Y3000 AI Cam—an innovative AI-powered experience that offers enthusiasts a unique and captivating glimpse into the potential aesthetics of the year 3000. 

The collaborative effort is the brainchild of designer Yoon Ahn. In a statement, AMBUSH’s creative director expressed, “I’m delighted to breathe life into our vision of the future through this exceptional partnership with Coca-Cola. As pioneers in our respective fields, it was only natural for AMBUSH®︎ and Coca-Cola to come together for this collection. We are eager for everyone to savor the future via our Y3000 capsule collection.”

The Y3000 experience was initially designed to harness both human and artificial intelligence to explore how individuals imagine the future, encompassing emotions, aspirations, colors, flavors, and more. 

The collection showcases an exclusive COCA-COLA Y3000 X AMBUSH Sequin Shirt, featuring an all-over sequin fabric that adds a contemporary twist to the classic tee, designed in a loose-fitting silhouette. Additionally, the collection includes co-branded t-shirts and fitted tees that seamlessly blend Coca-Cola Creations Y3000’s identity with AMBUSH’s futuristic streetwear aesthetic. In the realm of accessories, fans can discover the COCA-COLA Y3000 X AMBUSH Necklace, inspired by the iconic aluminum can and the label’s pull-tab motif.

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