Antonini Navi Unveils Sale of Bespoke Superyacht ‘Seamore 33’

Antonini Navi has revealed the sale of a tailor-made superyacht named Seamore 33. Commissioned by an adept Italian sailor, renowned for previous charters, the yacht is set to be launched in the spring of 2025.

This 33-meter vessel stands as the pioneer based on a novel, custom steel concept by Hydro Tec, which defines its sleek lines and commanding, elevated bow.

The interiors will receive the signature touch of Hot Lab, a frequent collaborator, with an initial design showcasing the use of teak woods and a soft, pastel palette complemented by sage green furnishings. Enrico Lumini of Hot Lab emphasized, “Meticulous care and attention are invested in every aspect, crafting interiors that exude a contemporary allure while embodying timeless elegance that transcends fleeting trends.”

The main deck boasts an impressive 150 square meters of open-air space, adaptable with sliding pocket windows flush with the deck to enclose portions as desired. Additionally, the upper deck offers a substantial 160 square meters, featuring a shaded area of around 50 meters under the hardtop.

Simone Antonini, CEO of the shipyard, expressed immense pride in Antonini Group’s accomplishments in the luxury yacht sector. “The recent sale of two custom superyachts by Antonini Navi is a testament to the dedication and foresight of our Group. Our heartfelt gratitude extends to our diligent employees and partners whose unwavering dedication has made this remarkable achievement possible.”

The grand debut of the Seamore 33 is scheduled for the Cannes Yachting Festival in 2025.

This announcement swiftly follows another significant sale by Antonini Navi – a fully customized 32-meter explorer yacht, marking another milestone achievement within a span of “just 40 days.”