Aquae Jewels Redefines Luxury with Revolutionary Gold and Diamond Designs

“As luxury often feels unattainable, we strive to bring a new perspective to elegance, making exquisite jewelry accessible to everyone,” says Catherine Klastersky, the visionary behind Dubai-based luxury jewelry brand Aquae Jewels.

Traditionally, luxury jewelry has often been the playground of the rich and powerful, a symbol of status rather than an expression of personal style. However, Catherine Klastersky and his brand, Aquae Jewels, aim to transform this narrative. From the streets of Dubai, the brand emerges to make changes in the luxury jewelry market. In redefining what it means to own luxury jewelry, Aquae Jewels makes it more about personal significance and less about inaccessible price points.

A New Dawn in Jewelry Design

The luxury jewelry market has witnessed a shift in consumer preferences. This transformation is not just about aesthetics or the allure of prominent brands but also about the value consumers perceive in their jewelry choices. Today’s discerning buyers are looking beyond the glamour, seeking pieces that offer both craftsmanship and timeless appeal with value for money.

Aquae Jewels stands out in this demand by marrying the timeless elegance of ethically sourced conflict-free 18K gold and diamonds with their contemporary design philosophies at a reasonable price. This approach sets a new standard for luxury jewelry retail in the global luxury market.

High-Quality Luxury Jewelry Without Compromise

Aquae Jewels commits to combining traditional jewelry-making techniques with cutting-edge designs handcrafted in their workshop in Dubai. Klastersky emphasizes how each piece testifies to the brand’s dedication to quality and aesthetics, offering customers a blend of durability, beauty, and timeless elegance.

Aquae Jewels 18K Diamond Floating Earrings

From the allure of the 18k gold Tudor Premium Necklace, adorned with the brilliance of white sapphires, to the enchanting charm of the 18k gold Cuff Bliss Bracelet, the elegance of the 18k gold Diamond Floating Earrings, the grandeur of the 18k gold Cavalier Premium Ring, and the bespoke beauty of their 18k gold charms, Aquae Jewels crafts each piece as a reflection of the wearer’s unique persona and refined taste.

Aquae Jewels 18K Tudor Premium
Aquae Jewels 18K Charms
Aquae Jewels 18k Gold Cavalier Premium Ring
Aquae Jewels 18k Gold Body Jewels and Body Chains

Klastersky further highlights the brand’s commitment to providing exceptional value. With approximately ten new designs per month and options catering to every occasion—everyday essentials, must-have classics, or contemporary trends—Aquae Jewels ensures clients have varying options, increasing the possibility of owning luxurious jewelry that speaks to their style but doesn’t compromise elegance. This ensures that every piece resonates with personal significance and retains a premium allure, making luxury an attainable experience for all.

Worldwide Reach, Personal Touch

The notion that high-quality jewelry must come with an expensive price tag is one that Aquae Jewels challenges head-on. By removing the middleman and offering direct-to-consumer sales, the brand can cut the traditional retail markup up to 30-40%, making their price points more competitive. 

“From 2013 to today, our goal is to provide our clients with exquisite and reasonably priced pieces, ensuring wider people can have their luxury experience,” Klastersky explains.

However, Aquae Jewels doesn’t just stop at making luxury more accessible price-wise; they also ensure that their creations can reach anyone, anywhere in the world, with efficient global shipping. The brand ensures every customer feels valued and understood with personalized customer service and fast delivery, which often just takes six to eight days.

Their expansive global reach, with shipments to over 60 countries, underscores the universal appeal of their 18k gold jewelry. This international footprint showcases the brand’s allure beyond its Dubai origins and cements its reputation as a credible and genuine 18k gold jewelry. 

“Luxury is evolving,” Klastersky mentions. “It’s no longer just about exclusivity but about personalization and meaning. We take pride in bringing this to the luxury jewelry space with integrity and excellence.”

Luxury Redefined

Some may point out that luxury’s appeal is intrinsically linked to its exclusivity and that accessibility may erode its prestige and product value. However, Aquae Jewels presents a fresh perspective. 

Modern luxury is evolving beyond mere exclusivity towards inclusivity and personal significance. It now lies in the craftsmanship, the story behind each piece, and the personal connection that the wearer has with it, rather than just its price tag or rarity. 

By democratizing access to high-quality, exquisite jewelry, Aquae Jewels believes it is expanding the luxury market rather than diluting it. This allows the broader audience to experience the joy and beauty of owning finely crafted jewelry, redefining what luxury means today. Such a move enriches the brand’s prestige, one that resonates with a modern audience, carving its niche in the market-saturated industry.