Beauty Meets Brains: The Unprecedented Ms World 2023 Pageant

Beauty pageants have been synonymous with glamor, beauty, and fashion for decades. However, in recent years, the definition of beauty has expanded to include more than just physical appearance. Beauty pageants now recognize and celebrate the contestants’ intelligence, talent, and accomplishments.  Ms World 2023 Pageant

Leading the charge to challenge the traditional notions of beauty and highlight the intelligence and talents of its contestants is this year’s highly anticipated Ms World 2023. Focusing on women who have already established themselves in their respective fields, the new beauty pageant aims to unveil new names of smart, beautiful, and kind women willing to dedicate their time and effort to the people around them.

Focusing on successful and established women
The Ms World 2023 pageant is breaking new ground in the world of beauty pageants by focusing on successful women who have already made their mark in their respective industries. Melisa Gun, founder and CEO of Ms World explains, “Unlike traditional beauty pageants, the Ms World 2023 pageant aims to showcase the achievements of women from diverse backgrounds who have successfully balanced their personal and professional lives.”

The competition welcomes contestants who have created happy families, built successful careers, and proven themselves to the world. This unique approach to beauty pageants not only offers women a chance to compete for the crown but also provides them with a platform for professional and personal growth, business development, and the refinement of their business ambitions. 

“The Ms World 2023 pageant is undoubtedly a new step in the professional and creative life of the modern woman, and we are excited to share this with the world,” Melisa shares. 

Celebrating Women From Across Age Groups

According to Melisa, this pageant is a brand new project on American soil but possesses a European charm. She describes the pageant as a celebration of beauty, success, and creativity, a big event combining traditional beauty contests with the new format that will allow women to show their talents and make their brand names known.

The pageant comprises five distinct categories, namely Miss (18-25 y.o.), Millennial (26-35 y.o.), Premier (36-45 y.o.), Classic (46-50 y.o.), and Mrs. (for successful married women), each with its specific rules and guidelines. The primary objective of the competition is to provide a platform for women of all ages to showcase their talents and abilities and highlight their potential to make significant contributions to society. According to Melisa, the pageant aims to celebrate and recognize the achievements of every woman at nearly any stage of life.

Ms World is also a platform that aims to help those in need. Melisa explains that the pageant’s finalists will have the opportunity to contribute to the pageant’s charity fund, which will be used to make donations to countries in need of financial aid, such as Ukraine and Turkey. This pageant will also organize a fund to support American women who have faced hardships and require financial or psychological assistance to rebuild their lives. 

What’s in store for women in Ms World 2023

Melisa shares that Ms World pageant participants can expect a dynamic and exciting program that includes performances by international celebrities and a diverse judging panel of individuals from various industries. Taking place at the luxurious Caesar’s Palace Hotel in the heart of Las Vegas from December 13-17, 2023, the pageant will feature a unique banquet-style setup instead of a traditional theatre layout. 

Competing for two different crowns, Ms World USA and Ms World for European, the winner of the competition will receive a grand prize of $25,000, be the face of Ms World for one year, have the opportunity to work with general sponsors, be featured in Ms World magazine and various media outlets, and have a month-long display on Times Square.

In addition, Melisa shares that the esteemed contestants will already be granted the opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate prior to the commencement of the pageant. This will include indulging in a wide range of recreational and relaxing activities, such as a luxurious limousine ride through the bustling city of Las Vegas, a refreshing and tranquil spa day, and an engaging pajama party to culminate their journey before the ultimate showdown.

“We prepared all these programs and prices to make the live-streamed pageant a memorable and rewarding experience for all participants,” Melisa concludes.

The Ms World 2023 event invites individuals to explore the magical world of beauty and opportunities. This initiative marks a new milestone in building long-term business relationships globally, with a particular emphasis on showcasing each woman’s unique elegance, leadership qualities, and abilities. By defying stereotypes and making a positive impact that can create transformative changes for women, Ms World 2023 aims to inspire a new wave of positive social change.