Bentley’s Newest Golf Equipment Inspired by the Mulsanne and Continental GT

The esteemed British automaker extends its influence as a lifestyle brand with the launch of its latest Techline golf collection. This comprehensive range features clubs, bags, and assorted gear tailored for golf enthusiasts. Available for order through the brand’s website, this collection ensures you’ll have everything you need for your next round just in time for the holidays.

At the heart of the Techline series stands the star attraction: the driver, priced at $921.89. Crafted with a three-piece construction comprising a titanium body, face, and carbon crown, this driver is a pinnacle of engineering. Another highlight is the three-piece BW1 wedge set, priced at $1,229.19. Each club, meticulously hand-forged from carbon steel, delivers precise control and comes in 52-, 56-, or 60-degree lofts. Completing the set is the Techline putter, priced at $737.51, featuring an aluminum face insert, a handle crafted from seamless Japanese steel, and a unique internal weight distribution at the heel and toe, designed for optimal forgiveness. All these clubs share a sleek aesthetic, adorned with Bentley’s iconic winged logo and accents in Racing Green.

However, golfing demands more than just clubs, and the Techline collection offers an array of additional essentials. Choose between the golf bag available in both cart and stand versions, priced at $921.89 each. Complementing these are a holdall at $460.95 and a matching shoe bag priced at $245.84, both featuring distinctive green accents akin to the clubs. Other accessories include a golf umbrella at $104.48, a set of nine golf balls priced at $61.46, and a golf glove at $43.02.

For those seeking golf-themed stocking fillers, Bentley presents a golf gift set comprising a “luxurious” pitchfork, ball marker, and leather pouch, priced at $215.11 for the trio. Additionally, smaller items like a bag of tees at $12.29, a scorecard holder at $72.52, and a towel at $61.46 are available.

While Bentley might not immediately spring to mind regarding golf, this isn’t the brand’s initial foray into this realm. In 2016, the company introduced branded clubs crafted using Japanese one-piece forging techniques. Expanding on this legacy, four years later, Bentley unveiled woods, irons, and putters drawing design cues from the Continental GT, further solidifying its presence in the golfing arena.