Bergdorf Goodman’s Festive Panes Honor NYC’s Cultural Tapestry

In the revelation of Bergdorf Goodman, the luxury retail icon declared its 2023 holiday motif as “Isn’t it Brilliant.” A spectacle of festive inspiration, this theme will unfold across the renowned windows, permeate the store, extend into digital realms, and materialize through a sequence of distinctive activations. With a dedicated focus on the enchantment of the holidays and the effervescent ingenuity synonymous with Bergdorf Goodman, the comprehensive holiday agenda is meticulously devised to captivate and gratify patrons through a meticulously crafted series of endeavors.

As a venerable establishment in New York City, Bergdorf Goodman’s holiday window unveilings occurred on November 16, 2023. Articulating the essence of this year’s theme, the windows radiate with brilliance, incorporating luminosity, mirrors, chromium, ice, resplendent surfaces, and vivid neon elements. Following tradition, the windows were conceived in-house by Bergdorf Goodman’s visionary design cadre. On the opposite end of Fifth Avenue, “The Best and Brightest” materializes as a commemoration of knowledge and erudition, adorned with vintage-inspired signage, flashing lights, and a neon light bulb illuminating profound ideas. 

On 58th Street, spectators are treated to “Tripping the Light Fantastic,” an intense showcase featuring mosaic-mirrored Pegasi adorned with neon-outlined wings in a Venetian-mirrored salon. The design maestros showcased in these windows encompass Thom Browne, C. D. Greene, Balmain, Rodarte, Alexander McQueen, Naeem Khan, Simone Rocha, Jil Sander, Christopher John Rogers, and Rabanne, among other luminaries.

On December 1, 2023, Bergdorf Goodman debuted its holiday initiative, “Unboxing Brilliance,” propagated across digital platforms. This campaign unfolds through a series of concise films spotlighting designers, style luminaries, and the Bergdorf Goodman family as they unveil exclusive products curated for the season. 

The campaign features notable personalities and exclusive items, such as Leandra Medine Cohen revealing a Bode jacket, Roberto Rossellini presenting a Balenciaga snowboard, Mira Nadon from the New York City Ballet showcasing Le Monde Beryl ballet slippers, Marc Jacobs unveiling a handbag from his collection surrounded by models in his Runway collection, Linda Fargo of Bergdorf Goodman opening a Libertine jacket, and the iconic Betty Halbreich with a set of Baccarat glasses, among other intriguing showcases.

Additionally, Bergdorf Goodman takes pride in inaugurating the Bergdorf Goodness Foundation Fund, an initiative dedicated to social responsibility. The fund concentrates on enhancing the quality of life in underserved communities within New York City through exposure to the arts. As an ongoing commitment, the Bergdorf Goodness Foundation Fund will identify nonprofit beneficiaries aligned with its mission. 

In its inaugural phase, the retailer collaborates with Culture for One, supporting their mission to transform the lives of foster care children in New York City through artistic endeavors. The organization’s Cultural Excursions, Arts Scholarships, and Arts Workshops programs serve to instill creativity, foster community, and introduce vulnerable youth to broader possibilities for the future. Throughout the holiday season, patrons will have the opportunity to join Bergdorf Goodman in contributing to Culture for One at designated checkout locations within the store.

During the festive season, the corridors of Bergdorf Goodman will pulsate with holiday cheer and tailor-made customer experiences. Featuring over 700 exclusive products spanning fashion, jewelry, home decor, beauty, and menswear, patrons can anticipate an exceptional array of offerings. From encounters with favored designers to bespoke options for crafting the perfect gift, the agenda is brimming with playful moments infused with opulence and whimsy. 

Noteworthy programming includes Diptyque engraving, tastings with MarieBelle, Angelina, and Serendipity, a locket bar with Monica Rich Kosann, a Berluti Patina workshop, and scotch tasting in the men’s store, an appearance by artist Donald Robertson, a Smythson personalization station, and more.