Palmaz Vineyards and Genesee Valley Ranch Team Up For An Exclusive Food And Wine Club

Palmaz Vineyards, one of the most premiere vineyards in Napa Valley joins together with Genesee Valley Ranch to offer a taste of their exquisite wines and wagyu beef. Sharing a passion for gathering around the table, Brasas At the Table is dedicated to offering exceptional wine and ingredients made to the highest quality, produced with sustainable and conscientious methods.

Vineyard History

If you are not yet familiar with Palmaz Vineyards, now would be a good time to get acquainted. Founded in 1997, Palmaz Vineyards is a Californian winery in the Napa Valley region. An estate totaling over 600 acres, with 64 acres comprised of vineyards has been revived from once being abandoned during the prohibition era. After the purchase of the land in the late 1990’s by the Palmaz family, they have taken great care to leverage tradition and technology in the service of crafting great vintages.

Terrain and Technology

A diverse terrain at the Palmaz estate lends itself to a variety of distinctive qualities in the resulting wines. The lowest set of vineyards is 300 feet above sea level, in the hills around the estate; the second set is found midway up Mount George, at 1,200 feet; the third resides at the top of the mountain, at 1,400 feet. Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS), coupled with farming techniques from the organic, biodynamic and erosion-control philosophies allows the Palmaz family to create truly a sustainable farm. Adding to these farming techniques, Palmaz Vineyard is home to the largest wine cave in Napa Valley totaling over 100,000 square feet and equivalent to over 18 stories in depth. The Cave is an engineering marvel and certainly a key to creating great wine, which benefits from the cool temperatures of the cavern, and the natural gravity-flow process which eliminates mechanical pumps from the winemaking process. At the heart of the winery sits the Fermentation Dome, lined with 24 fermentation tanks that can accommodate grapes from individual vineyards across the estate. A sophisticated algorithmic fermentation-control and -monitoring system for each tank, known as FILCS, projects a broad range of data (including real-time thermal imaging) onto the ceiling of the dome, giving instant insight into the fermentation process, and frees the winemakers to spend more time tasting and tending to the vines.

The Fermentation Dome at Palmaz Vineyards

Where tradition and technology coexist, Palmaz Vineyards brings extraordinary wines to the market, specializing in Cabernet Sauvignon, but also offering a variety of Chardonnay, Riesling, and more. If you have the opportunity to visit the Vineyard in person, prepare to be amazed at the natural beauty of the property, filled with historic charm and passion from the Palmaz winemaking team – not to mention unparalleled resulting wines. You can of course also take part in a virtual visit with a Palmaz tasting kit sent to your door and virtual meeting rooms to experience the vineyard.

At The Table

Three generations of the Palmaz Family live, work, and thrive together – and notably their secret to success is their table. A place to gather and celebrate togetherness, the Palmaz family recognizes the importance of this special time, and envisioned a way to share that experience. Partnering with the local Genesee Valley Ranch, located in the heart of legendary California gold country, the two have introduced Brasas At The Table.

By combining products of unparalleled quality and distinction, Brasas At The Table helps facilitate memorable meals featuring a combination of 100% purebred Black Wagyu beef and premium Palmaz wines. Each Vineyard Membership subscriber has priority access to all wines before they’re released and receives a customized assortment of Palmaz Vineyards wines, while Ranch Memberships offer extraordinary 100% Grass-fed prime Wagyu from the historic Genesee Valley Ranch. This comprehensive farm-to-fork subscription allows you to enjoy indulgent beef responsibly and conveniently, directly to your home.

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