Bugatti Introduces 1/2500 Limited Edition Carbone Smartwatch

Bugatti has been linked to the watch world for quite some time now with the French automobile manufacturer often putting its name on some rather unique creations. Now, Bugatti has revealed the latest addition to its range of innovative timepieces: The Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition Smartwatch and it was made in partnership with VIITA Watches. The carbone limited edition is not only the first limited-run smartwatch, but it is also the world’s first smartwatch to feature a housing made entirely out of carbon fiber.

The watch case is milled precisely from one solid block of carbon fiber that was manufactured in the special Bugatti blue color. The bezel is also made entirely out of Carbon Fiber, making the watch lightweight, but also strong and durable. You can immediately create a link with Bugatti’s range of hyper sports cars, where carbon fiber plays a crucial role in the production process.

The Carbone smartwatch has 22% extra storage capacity in comparison with previously released Bugatti smartwatches. This keeps the watch alive for up to 15 days between charges. It is also packed with apps that monitor the wearer’s health and physical parameters during activity, workout, track, rest and sleep. The smartwatch also features a very accurate GPS sensor that has been developed specifically for high-precision readings on the race circuit. And lastly the watch is waterproof for depths of 330 feet (100 m).

Only 2500 pieces of the Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition Smartwatch will be available for a price of €2590 euros. The first batch of 500 will be released this December.