Casio G-Shock and Coca-Cola Join Forces for Limited-Edition Watches

In an exciting collaboration marking the release of their latest timepieces in 2023, Casio has partnered with the iconic American beverage brand Coca-Cola to produce a captivating pair of limited-edition G-Shock watches. Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of Coca-Cola, these watches pay homage to the soda giant’s distinct identity and are based on two classic Casio G-Shock models, the DW5600 and the DW6900.

The first of the duo is the Casio G-Shock x Coca-Cola DW5600CC23-4, which is rooted in the original “square” G-Shock case silhouette dating back to 1983. Maintaining the core features of its G-Shock lineage, including a resin case, mineral glass crystal, four control buttons, and a stainless steel case back, this watch retains its sibling’s robust specs. With dimensions of 43.8mm in diameter and 13.5mm in thickness, it boasts 200 meters of water resistance.

Casio G-Shock and Coca-Cola

What sets the DW5600CC23-4 apart is its vibrant Coca-Cola-themed aesthetics. Sporting a red resin strap and bezel adorned with white text and a prominent white Coca-Cola logo at noon, this watch exudes the brand’s iconic color scheme. The dial plate encircling the display is white with the Coca-Cola logo in red at the top and Casio’s logo in black below the LCD screen. Adding a unique touch, the watch features an inverted red LCD screen, perfectly aligning with the Coca-Cola-inspired colorway. Functionally, it mirrors its “square” G-Shock siblings, boasting a stopwatch, alarm, countdown timer, automatic calendar, and backlight, all powered by Module No. 3229.

The second model, the Casio G-Shock x Coca-Cola DW6900CC23-3, belongs to the popular DW6900 series. This watch draws inspiration from Coca-Cola’s signature green glass bottles.

Casio G-Shock and Coca-Cola

It shares the standard G-Shock features, including a resin case, rubber strap, mineral glass crystal, stainless steel case back, and 200 meters of water resistance. Operating on Module No. 3230, it offers the same functionality as its red and white counterpart, with its electro-luminescent backlight activated by a fifth button below the display.

The DW6900CC23-3’s aesthetics are reminiscent of Coca-Cola’s original green-tinted glass bottles. Its bezel and strap are crafted from translucent green resin, while white text and the Coca-Cola logo on the strap keeper mimic the bottle’s branding. The LCD screen retains the standard black-on-gray appearance, but the dial plate surrounding it is white with a red Coca-Cola logo at the top. When the backlight is activated, the display illuminates in green, featuring a red Coke bottle silhouette at the center.

Both the DW5600CC23-4 and the DW6900CC23-3 come in special Coca-Cola-themed packaging and share the same retail price of USD 160. While it’s confirmed that these watches will be limited editions, specific quantities have not been disclosed. However, it’s safe to assume that, like previous G-Shock collaborations, these Coca-Cola models will be prized collector’s items, making them a must-have for enthusiasts and fans of both brands alike.