Celebrating Evan Sharma and His Illustrious Art at Barry’s Downtown Prime

From Left to Right: Annemie Fourie, Evan Sharma stand side-by-side at event showcasing Kor waterbottles and Evan's art.
From Left to Right: Annemie Fourie, Evan Sharma

On July 28th, 2023, the allure of art and environmental conservation converged in a unique and meaningful partnership between the brilliant artist, Evan Sharma, and sustainable brand, Kor Water. Barry’s Steakhouse at the Circa Resort served as the host for this celebration. The Cover Star event in partnership with Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, attracted a diverse list of attendees, including acclaimed artists, influential business leaders, and industry trailblazers.

Both Evan and Kor Water share a profound commitment to environmental sustainability, a bond that further deepens their partnership. Sharma’s dedication to the environment extends to his ambitious plans to donate a part of the proceeds from his artwork towards drilling wells in Kenya, enhancing access to clean water for local communities. 

Kor Water stands as a beacon of sustainable commitment, dedicating 1% of its earned revenue to furthering sustainability initiatives through its partnership with 1% For The Planet. At the heart of Kor Water’s mission lies the creation of a sustainable water bottle, designed to combat the pervasive issue of plastic waste. Kor Water uses exclusively recyclable and sustainable packaging, ensuring that their commitment to a healthier planet extends from their products to their presentation.

Beginning the event, guests were welcomed by the warmth and vintage glamor of Barry’s Downtown Prime. The gathering aimed to honor Evan Sharma as the Cover Star of Luxury Lifestyle Magazine. The event culminated during the unveiling of limited-edition Kor Water bottles, which were beautifully decorated with Evan’s stunning artwork and marked the beginning of a unique collaboration between Evan Sharma and Kor Water. 

The evening began with a cocktail hour, featuring an innovative audio guest book in the form of an old-school rotary dial phone that invited guests to answer thought-provoking prompts. Upon picking up the phone, guests were initially thanked through a heartfelt recorded message from Annemie, Kor Water’s Brand Evangelist, which added a personal touch to the evening. The recording then transitioned into presenting the prompt, ‘What fuels your Kor?’ to the guests. The guestbook recorded the responses of each guest, which were then used as the audio overlay for a spectacular video recapping the event.

Display of MMO Cows and KOR Water bottles

As the dinner hour approached, Evan addressed the gathering, extending his gratitude and sharing insights into his recent art projects. Among these was his MMO Cow sculptures, an embodiment of his commitment to sustainability through the use of CO2-reducing enzymes in his paint. Annemie followed with her speech expressing her excitement for this collaboration with Evan, underlining Kor Water’s unwavering dedication to sustainability in using environmentally friendly products, packaging, and donations to environmental projects. Following the speeches, guests were treated to a three-course dinner which included truffle roasted chicken and a skillfully prepared filet, among other dishes. The meal concluded with two standout desserts: a rich carrot cake and a smooth cheesecake.

Each Guest received a briefcase with a Kor Water bottle and an RBLB Shirt

One of the evening’s highlights was the exclusive gift for each guest – a special briefcase emblazoned with Evan’s signature Red Sun logo. Inside, attendees found a unique RBLB shirt and the specially designed Kor Water bottles with Evan’s artwork.

From Left to Right: Evan Sharma, Sanjay Sharma

The night was a testament to the maturity, dedication, and vision of Evan Sharma, a young artist making significant strides in the realm of environmental artistry. In turn, it was not only an evening of celebration, but also an inspiring reminder of the transformative power of partnerships and creativity in the pursuit of a sustainable future.