Coca-Cola and Crocs Unveil Festive Collaboration Just in Time for the Holidays

In an amazing fusion of iconic American brands, Crocs is ready to release a new collection in collaboration with a world-wide famous beverage company, named Coca-Cola, adding a refreshing twist to the holiday season. Following their recent collaboration with McDonald’s, Crocs is again stepping into the realm of unique partnerships, this time teaming up with the beverage giant Coca-Cola.

Scheduled for release towards the end of this month, the Coca-Cola x Crocs collection features three distinct colorways that capture the essence of the classic American soft drink. The designs draw inspiration from the timeless Coke red, a Polar Bear edition perfectly themed for the holidays, and a vibrant Sprite iteration. 

Each pair of All-Terrain Crocs pays homage to two of the world’s most beloved beverages, merging comfort and style.

Adding an extra layer of personalization to this collaboration, the Crocs will come adorned with themed Jibbitz. These decorative charms allow fans to customize their footwear, expressing their love for both Coca-Cola and Crocs uniquely and playfully.

The release date for this highly anticipated collaboration was set for November 22, and enthusiasts can get their hands on a pair at select retailers or conveniently order online through the Crocs website. Priced at $70 USD, these limited-edition Coca-Cola x Crocs are sure to be a sought-after item, blending fashion, comfort, and the joyous spirit of the holiday season. Don’t miss the chance to step into the festivities with this refreshing and iconic footwear collaboration.