Could Lionel Messi Be On His Way To Saudi Arabia?

Lionel Messi

According to recent reports, Saudi Arabian club Al Hilal is ready to offer Lionel Messi a deal worth up to $350 million a year. Messi’s contract with Paris Saint Germain is set to expire in the summer, making him a free agent and giving other teams the chance to sign him.

This offer from Al Hilal would make Lionel Messi the highest paid player in the world, surpassing even his rival Cristiano Ronaldo, who recently joined another Saudi Arabian club, Al Nassr, and is set to earn $210 million a year.

While this move may seem surprising, it could be part of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to boost their bid to host the 2030 World Cup. Having two of the greatest footballers of all time in their domestic league would certainly swing things in their favor.

But what would it mean for Messi to make the move to Saudi Arabia? The country has different customs and a climate that is vastly different from what he’s used to in Europe. However, Messi is no stranger to Saudi Arabia, having become an ambassador for the Kingdom’s ‘Visit Saudi’ tourism campaign in 2022. He will also be traveling there later this month to play for PSG against Al Nassr in a friendly, which could provide an opportunity for Al Hilal to make a concrete proposal to him.

While this is certainly an interesting development, it remains to be seen if Messi will choose to make the move to Saudi Arabia. With such a huge offer on the table, it’s certainly a decision that he will have to weigh carefully. But regardless of where he ends up, one thing is for sure – Messi’s future is sure to be one of the biggest storylines in football in the coming months.