COVER STAR: Why Carrington Durham May Be The Most Versatile Creator On Social Media

Carrington Durham

At the top of 2023, Carrington Durham has cemented her place in the driver’s seat for what is sure to be an exciting ride. Durham, who is recognized by a slew of communities depending on who you speak with, has stood in the public eye since she was a child, pursuing a variety of career paths that range from content creation and influencer work to modeling, television, and multimedia. The versatile influencer is known for her adaptability both on and offline, and her latest projects explore new and familiar territory within the entertainment circuits.  

Despite a glossy portfolio of digital content, Durham is a familiar presence in the outside world. Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Durham relocated to LA when she was ten years old, bringing her performative prowess along for the ride. The young star continued her acting career while staying true to herself against LA’s primal ecosystems and, by many accounts, Durham is the big sister who gives sound advice and a double dose of assurance in her strides. She has occupied a variety of spaces in her career, ranging from YouTube and TikTok content to modeling, television, and cosmetic entrepreneurship. In each of these spaces, however, the “Carrington essence” blooms brightest when given the proper leg room to walk to a new beat. Posted up in her LA apartment, Durham looks back, briefly, at where she came from and what lies ahead.

“I grew up to be flexible, and have learned to just roll with the punches,” Durham said. The nuances that surround platforms like Instagram or TikTok can feel foreign to any user, especially given the rate at which these nuances change. However, digital content remains a key component of Durham’s day-to-day, and her most prolific technique when navigating those domains is simply staying true to what inspires no matter what the algorithm is doing.

“Things are always changing,” she explains. “The secret is to be your most authentic self, because that never changes.”

Durham’s adaptability has allowed her to release tender singles like “Torn”, only to pivot and pursue a different cadence that hits closer to home.

 “I really want to pull from my roots in Nashville and release more singer-songwriter material,” she said. “I have a voice and I want to use it for good.”

Whether it’s through music or any of her social channels, Durham takes her platform and spools a colorful fabric that feels relatable yet refreshingly singular, speaking to creatives of any caliber. The power of communication is often underscored by the smoke and mirrors we see on social media, yet Durham elevates this exchange with authentic engagements in music, multimedia, and even podcasts. Durham has managed to surround herself with steel-plated support from people like Lucas Mosing, better known as FaZe Blaze, who celebrate her mediums of communication that deliver one thing we simply can’t go without: community.

“It’s OK to not be OK,” Durham said. “I’ve been learning to follow my own advice, but also working on being more transparent and vulnerable to get that deeper connection.”

Durham has been actively working towards a new podcast that will be co-hosted with her sister, Isabella, and will cover topics like mental health, artistry, and growing up in the entertainment industry. Building a solid stream of communication has shaped Durham’s professional growth, taking her into season one of “How To Make A Model” and a cosmetic collaboration with beauty brigade, Lottie London. Additionally, Durham’s flexibility has launched her into more recent developments, as with “The Twisted Doll”, a forthcoming CPIX Original series by Andrew de Burgh. Durham was sixteen years old when she whisked away to New York for Yolanda Hadid’s modeling championship, and it’s clear that she came out the other side with the same tenacity that brought her to LA in the first place.

“Coming out to LA, I had to make sure that I stuck to my own morals,” she said. “Being a young girl here required a lot of self-control and staying focused on why I’m here to begin with.”

Photo Credit: RJ Ibe

 Even with the swirling decadence that comes with influencer work, Durham remains true to form in her quest for creative freedom. Beneath the luxe and lacquer, perhaps the strongest component of Durham’s signature allure is her humanity. 

“I actually love escape rooms,” she explained. “I’m really good at them!”

The reality is that it’s perfectly fine to see life as a game of cards so long as you’re having fun doing it. Be it escape rooms, painting, or songwriting, Durham activates an array of outlets to not only connect with herself but to reach others wherever they stand in the world. In this regard, the name of the game is human experience, and Durham’s willingness to bend or build new avenues for herself remind us that the community we search for can be found both on and offline. At the top of 2023, Durham’s canvas is looking brighter than ever, and no matter how she chooses to illustrate the next chapter in music, media, or modeling, the decision will be Durham all the way through. 

“I’ve always liked being the chameleon,” she said with a smile.