Crafted for Family Entertainment and Sunbathing, this 262-Foot Superyacht Boasts a Luxurious Spa and Pool Lounge.

this 262-Foot Superyacht Boasts

Winch Design has added a touch of splendor, or rather multiple touches, to a 262-foot masterpiece known as Project Reverie. This creation shines brightly within Oceanco’s Simply Custom lineup, which is consistently producing one marvel after another. The esteemed British design firm envisioned Reverie as embodying “the pleasure of being engrossed in one’s thoughts or a daydream.” Whereas dreams can often be vivid, disordered, and dense, the yacht stands out with its gracefully carved hull and uncomplicated shapes.

Indeed, this remarkable and eye-catching simplicity is what facilitates ease of thought, dreaming, and enjoyment aboard Reverie. Preliminary visuals of the tri-deck, bespoke superyacht reveal a focus on “beach and wellness” amenities. Its lower deck boasts a spa, fitness center, and access to the water, leading to a shaded aft pool. The pool lounge on the main deck serves as the hub for social gatherings, offering ample space for guests to enjoy some coastal camaraderie.

The yacht offers flexibility in customization, allowing future owners to select from two configurations: a master suite at the bow with a pool terrace, or a rear-positioned master suite with private access to an exclusive lounge and expansive sunbathing area. Regardless of the choice, Reverie promises a serene escape.

Jim Dixon of Winch Design remarked, “Our role as designers is to infuse purpose, creativity, and innovation into our responses to clients’ visions. Observing from our studio by the Thames, we’re inspired by the elegance of a ‘slipper’ boat and the tranquility of the riverbank, influences that merged in the creation of Reverie.”

Sustainability is a key consideration in the yacht’s design, blending opulent indoor and outdoor areas seamlessly. Generous windows invite ample sunlight into the interiors, reducing the reliance on artificial cooling systems.