Dan Carter and Louis Vuitton Unveil the Malle Vestiaire: Where Sports and Haute Couture Converge

When the worlds of sports and haute couture collide, extraordinary creations are born. Such is the case with the Malle Vestiaire, a unique wardrobe trunk born from a collaborative effort between Louis Vuitton and rugby legend Dan Carter, an iconic figure in the world of sports. This bespoke trunk, a stunning testament to Carter’s legacy and Louis Vuitton’s storied luxury, marries heritage details with a modern twist, offering a safe haven for the rugby legend’s cherished memorabilia.

Dan Carter, who serves as the House Ambassador for Louis Vuitton, worked closely with the skilled artisans at the Maison’s renowned workshops to bring this exceptional trunk to life. Designed to safeguard precious sports equipment and memorabilia, the Malle Vestiaire boasts a striking black and silver monogram-covered exterior, adorned with classic closures and rivets.

The choice of an all-black exterior pays homage to the New Zealand national rugby team, known as the All Blacks, a team with which Carter is synonymous. The trunk also bears logos and references that celebrate the illustrious career of this sportsman, from the inclusion of “DC10,” his iconic player number, to the acknowledgment of his remarkable achievement of scoring 1598 points in international rugby.

Carter shared his experience of collaborating with Louis Vuitton, stating, “I was very fortunate to work alongside Vuitton in designing this trunk. They took my feedback into account regarding the design, size, and, most importantly, the creation of compartments tailored for displaying sports equipment.” A glimpse inside the trunk unveils a treasure trove of memorabilia, including three World Rugby Player of the Year awards, three Rugby World Cup medals, his caps, three jerseys, and a pair of “retirement” boots, alongside another pair worn during a Rugby World Cup campaign.

Beyond sports-related items, the Malle Vestiaire houses copies of Carter’s book, “The Art of Winning,” and a Louis Vuitton rugby ball that he helped design in 2019. Speaking about the trunk, Carter expressed his sentiments, saying, “This Malle Vestiaire holds all the memorabilia that symbolizes the incredible memories I have of my professional rugby career, while also paying homage to Louis Vuitton’s renowned Art of Travel. I genuinely cannot think of a more fitting way for them to be showcased than in this exquisite trunk.”

For those who appreciate the fusion of luxury and sports history, the Malle Vestiaire is available for $150,000 through Louis Vuitton’s official website. This exceptional creation stands as a testament to the enduring partnership between sportsmanship and craftsmanship, encapsulated in a stunning piece of functional art that transcends time and tradition.