Dazzling Elegance: Harry Winston Unveils the $7 Million Winston Cluster Wreath Necklace, a Radiant Ode to Timeless Glamour

Harry Winston’s latest necklace, valued at $7 million, stands as a radiant manifestation resembling a radiant diadem of diamonds. Named the XLarge Winston Cluster Wreath necklace, this masterpiece boasts an excess of 100 resplendent gemstones.

On a wintry night in December 1944, the luminary jewelry designer Harry Winston, stationed before his Scarsdale, N.Y., abode, beheld a holly wreath bedecked with snow on his doorway. The intertwining leaves, obscured beneath the wintry dusting, sparked an epiphany—gemstones, not their metallic frameworks, should dictate the piece’s form. In collaboration with Harry Winston’s principal designer, Nevdon Koumrouyan, the renowned Cluster style was conceived.

Emulating the undulating contours of a wreath’s leaves, it incorporates an amalgamation of stones in diverse cuts and angles, positioned so densely that the platinum setting virtually vanishes. This distinctive style has adorned everything from pendants to rings and bracelets. However, it’s the opulent Cluster necklace that garners the utmost attention, resembling a luminescent festoon for the neck. 

Jennifer Lopez etched its prominence into pop culture when her character sported a remarkably sizable iteration (paired with matching earrings) in the 2002 film “Maid in Manhattan.” In 2017, a comparable piece commanded a staggering $1.8 million at the Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction.

Presently, the esteemed jewelry house elevates the stakes with its latest creation—the XLarge Winston Cluster Wreath necklace, fashioned in platinum and bedecked with 114 diamonds of pear, round brilliant, and marquise cuts, totaling 122 carats. It stands as the grandest, most lavish rendition of the Cluster globally available today. Priced at over $7 million, this undeniably marks the pinnacle of the signature style’s cinematic revelation.