Deviehl & Ross Kopi

DEVIEHL, crafter of magnificent and unique coffee cups, has teamed up with Ross Kopi, master blenders of the world’s most precious coffee, to create what is surely the ultimate coffee drinking experience – the blissfully sublime delight of sipping a wild Luwak espresso from a DEVIEHL cup.

As part of their collaboration, DEVIEHL and Ross Kopi are launching an exclusive limited edition set which includes a custom designed DEVIEHL Cocobolo espresso cup together with 200g of Ross Kopi’s internationally acclaimed Sumatran wild Luwak coffee.

According to Jonathan Strauss, DEVIEHL co-founder,  “Ross Kopi’s unparalleled attention to detail not only produces an exquisite coffee but one that is fully consistent with fair-trade and environmentally sound principals, issues we feel very strongly about”.
“We are committed to crafting the very finest coffee in the world,” adds Ross Kopi chairman Matthew Ross. “Guaranteed wild Luwak from Sumatra is delicate, rare and exceedingly multi-faceted. Drinking this amazing coffee from a DEVIEHL cup is the summit of coffee drinking pleasure. It has to be tried to be believed”.
The DEVIEHL Ross Kopi set is available at Harrods in London, and leading  luxury retailers globally.


About Ross Kopi…

Founded by Matthew Ross in 2009, Ross Kopi’s mission is to bring the world’s most rare and precious coffee to market in a sustainable way.

Collected from the droppings of wild civets at the fringes of untouched forests high in the Sumatran mountains, the Luwak coffee beans are rapidly tracked, cleaned and stored in Ross Kopi’s local processing  centre at a high altitude. Giving a fair deal for farmers, collectors and the wildlife of Sumatra, without compromising on the intensely individualistic nature of Luwak coffee, Ross Kopi delivers a pinnacle of taste, aroma and sensation.



Each DEVIEHL is a Technological masterpiece composed of 25 separate components. Incorporating advanced insulation technology, coffee is kept at its optimal drinking temperature for longer. The inner form, a result of complex fluid dynamics research,  is optimised to ensure maximum “Crema” formation. The outer shape is designed to maximize aroma diffusion.

The highly distinctive signature design, features a conically shaped cup that fits into a profiled base by means of a special retaining mechanism, reducing spillage and ideal for use on yachts or jets.

Crafted from a fusion of unconventional materials, including exotic woods such as Cocobolo and Zebrano, hydrophobic leathers and carbon fiber, drinking from a DEVIEHL is a  tactile sensation that enhances the coffee drinking experience.


The collaboration collection includes:

Coffee: 200g Ross Kopi Wild Luwak Sumatra Coffee

Cup: Cocobolo rosewood, hand turned, high gloss multi-layer lacquer polish. Fine  porcelain inner, gold colour mirror finish. Advanced insulation technology (DIT).

Chassis DeviehliumTM gold colour brushed finish with inset full surface Cocobolo wood panel Natural rubber cup retention system.

Specifications Cup: 7cl, D64 x H85 mm, 110g

Chassis: L180x W70 x H34 mm, 210g

RRP: £980


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