Discover Europe’s Largest Green Facade, Called ‘Kö-Bogen II’

KO Bogen II

The german firm Ingenhoven Architects, an international architectural studio focusing on urbanism and sustainability since 1985 with bases in Düsseldorf, Sydney, Singapore, and St. Moritz has just completed a massive office complex which is now dubbed to be ‘Europe’s largest green facade.”  KO Bogen II

KO Bogen II

Titled KO Bogen II, the structure spans 41,400 square meters and is made up of slightly more than 30,000 plants in its cladding. The facade has a stunning visual appearance of a sprawling green hill in Gründgens Square. 

The cladding and irrigation system needed for such a massive plant quantity and structure size is quite amazing. The drainage and irrigation systems were developed in association with the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. 

According the Ingenhoven, the facade will offer similar benefits to the city as 80 deciduous trees. Ingenhoven expressed on their website: “The ensemble market the conclusion of an extensive urban renewal project in the heart of Düsseldorf. It also represents a paradigm shift: from an urban perspective, it signals a departure from the automotive era and a turn towards people-oriented planning. And with Europe’s largest green facade, it offers an urban response to climate change.” 

Kö-Bogen II by Ingenhoven Architects - The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine