Discover the New Maserati Grecale Folgore

New Maserati Grecale Folgore

Maserati is proud to present its first all-electric compact SUV: the Grecale Folgore. This vehicle signifies a remarkable achievement in the luxury car manufacturer’s history.

Introducing the Maserati Grecale Folgore

The Grecale Folgore, named after the Italian word for “lightning,” exemplifies Maserati’s commitment to electrification. Crafted entirely in Italy, this SUV is powered by a 105 kWh battery utilizing 400V technology, delivering 820 Nm of torque, 410 kW (549 hp) of power, and reaching a top speed of 136 mph. True to Maserati’s heritage, its performance promises exhilarating driving dynamics while maintaining the opulent ambiance the brand is renowned for.

The design strikes a balance between elegance and athleticism, featuring a revised front grille optimized for electric vehicle cooling and aerodynamically-driven elements. Inside, the Folgore embossed pattern, carbon copper 3D touch trim, and customizable sporty seats, offered through Maserati’s bespoke Fuoriserie program, elevate the interior ambiance.

“We have elevated the Grecale through a series of design elements made particularly for the Folgore version, including a unique interpretation of design through exclusive colors, materials and of course, electrification,” shares Maserati brand designer Alessandro Silva.

Technological advancements augment the Grecale Folgore’s design, enhancing the in-car experience with a 12.3” central display, an 8.8” comfort display, and intuitive gesture-based climate controls. Integration with smartphone apps such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto further enriches the driving experience.

Moreover, the vehicle offers four distinct driving modes—MAX RANGE, GT, SPORT, and OFFROAD—providing tailored driving experiences. Notably, the SPORT and OFFROAD modes stand out for their dynamic performance and adaptability. Equipped with air suspension, the Grecale Folgore ensures both agility and comfort, particularly noticeable at lower speeds.

To facilitate seamless charging, Maserati provides an all-inclusive charging solution for Grecale Folgore owners, including a home charging wall box and access to an extensive charging network across Europe and China. This ensures convenience and ease of use, with the added benefit of pre-conditioning the vehicle while charging.