Disney Hints Big Plans For Web3 Push & Continued Development

Disney is looking to become one of the top Web3 companies, by building their presence with NFTs and the Metaverse. The Global giant has been releasing NFTs on the platform Veve and has been very successful. Disney is looking to take their name to the next level in Web3.  Disney Hints Big Plans

The entertainment giant is looking to expand and hire NFT specialists, blockchain experts, and decentralized finance to guide Disney into becoming just as big in Web3. Job postings have been seen to be apart of Disney’s team for their aggressive push into Web3. 

CEO Bob Chapek described the Metaverse as “the next great storytelling frontier.” With this in mind their is limitless opportunities to develop and build virtually anything in the Metaverse. Disney will look to hire legal teams for “legal advice and support for global NFT products” made in collaboration with Disney. The perfect legal team is the key to being successful in the many angles of development. With this in mind, this job offering proves that Disney is ready to expand and build in web3 like no other.

NFT market’s has an evaluation of about $11 billion dollars and rising each day, their is a lot of room for growth and development as well as legal troubles and fraud. Disney’s new hires will be a vital part of the team to help overcome any obstacles that they may face and build in the right way and set the standard for companies a like. 

Starting with a successful launch on VeVe just last year Disney has made an impact on NFTs and Web3. The launch of Golden Moments with a mint price of $333 a quick sell out and hit a floor price of about $46,000 USD. With this rapid rise, Disney is ready to double down and further develop their team to become one of the biggest Web3 brands. Disney Hints Big Plans