DIW Manufacturer Presents The Black Grail Project

Designa Individual Carbon-Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711

Founded by two creative artists with headquarters in Germany, DIW Manufacturer transforms some of the world’s most luxurious watches, revolutionizing the art of high-end timepieces. What started with a passion for customizing personal devices, has formed the love for watch-crafting on a greater scale.

The DIW Manufacturer team has been perfectly curated by some of the most divine masters of art and timepiece technicians, working with high-end composite materials. With their expertise and use of exquisite components, it is possible to transform what in some cases are day-to-day luxury watches into incredible pieces of art. DIW Manufacturer carefully deciphers which timepiece to create and calculate to the full extent what they will need to mix the most significant art and luxury to make the experience of owning their watches unique from any other. It is a bold statement to hold these high-end timepiece brands as is, but having something crafted and made to perfection in a unique aspect sets the tone for DIW Manufacturer’s business model.

DIW Manufacturer created their most complex project, “The Black Grail Project,” which took about nine months of development and up to 18 weeks of production time. Based on the famous Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711, this timepiece is completely transformed with the use of carbon fiber and black DLC coating. Limited to only five editions made per year, this project transforms an already iconic timepiece into a truly exclusive collectors item. The bracelet and bezel are crafted in total high-end carbon fiber – the most essential quality of carbon fiber being its weight – allowing for a super lightweight finished product. Thanks to the thin layer of carbon, the carbon fiber material is 5x lighter than stainless steel and much more resistant for a higher quality structure. A black DLC coated watch case complements the black carbon fiber for a totally transformative look. These materials turn out to be a perfect mix letting all the details come together the way it was envisioned.

Designa Individual Watches Black Grail Project

With high standards as a top priority, bespoke manufacturer Designa Individual Watches specializes in the most exclusive materials; a combination of traditional metals and gems allows them to create never before seen rare products. With only perfection in mind, no detail is missing during the creation of each of these watches, and the finish itself of the Patek Philippe is kept at the factory level not to miss any point of authenticity. With everyone trying their hardest to get themselves a Patek watch, even a base model, Designa Individual saw this rarity and made The Black Grail edition even rarer because it is difficult to obtain and meant for the elite.

When you receive this fantastic gem of a watch, you are immediately amazed by the presentation. This significant black box made of oak and covered in velvet, will bless your eyes with excitement from the moment you open this well-crafted watch case. You are greeted with Designa Individual’s Grail watch that only you and a handful of other people in the world will ever own. With this watch, when the lights go off, the hour markers on the watch will glow in the dark to shine even in the darkest settings. This star-striking feature seals the deal when it comes to customizing these watches and luxury fashion.

The Black Grail Edition Patek Philippe is priced at €179,999. Extremely limited in nature, this is a must-have for Patek enthusiasts and timepiece collectors alike. You can check out this pristine watch online at https://designa-individual.com/en/watches/the-black-grail-project for more information and to get on the waitlist to secure your spot to own this glorious timepiece. You can also keep up to date with Designa Individual Watches on Instagram @diw_official.