Elevate Your Etiquette with Caterina Valentino: Journalist, Radio Host and Etiquette Mentor  

Caterina Valentino has gained recognition for being a multifaceted artist, journalist, radio show host and etiquette mentor to many all over the world. Through instructional videos on her social networks, Caterina Valentino provides people all over the globe with tips and pointers on mindful manners and etiquette behaviors that will help you advance professionally and socially, simply by the way in which you act in society. Some of these instructional videos include how to sit and eat at a table, an elegant way to get into and out of the car, walking styles that show courtesy and even how to organize your house in an elegant, stylish and orderly manner. These instructional contents have gone viral, reaching millions of people and resonating very deeply with many because of their positive impact on people’s lives. The particular and informative directions provided by Caterina appeal very well for those looking to live a more elegant, proper and professional life. Caterina Valentino has further become an aspirational figure to many that forever looks to motivate and improve knowledge on social behaviors to in return help people live a more successful and confident existence. 

Caterina Valentino - Etiquette Mentor

Caterina recently stated in an interview “good manners will never go out of style. The right path is to know how to behave and respect others. Anything other than that can  set a bad example for the younger generations. Sometimes, we can dress well but if our manners are lacking we are missing the essentials for coexistence among human beings”, explained Valentino. The focus on passing down well practiced habits, behavioral skills and professional life advice to the next generations has always been a main focus of Caterina’s. 

“Social behavior, how we treat others and how we speak and dress often decides our future”, added Caterina Valentino. The strive to create meaningful impact on people’s lives, empowering people all over the world is what motivates Caterina to create the content and information videos she does. The etiquette expert is an ambassador for many world-renowned brands such as Lufthansa, Mac, Swarovski, Hublot, Mario Hernández and even the Island of Aruba. You can find out more about Caterina Valentino, her instructional etiquette videos and more by following her on instagram @caterinavalentino and or by visiting her website at fast.cm/caterinavalentino.