Elevate Your Vision With KEVAE Eyewear

Nowadays, it is very well known that in an overcrowded eyewear industry where the average brand has multiple competitors both online and offline, it is hard to stand out. The only way to rise above the rest is by leveraging the highest quality to make an innovation. In the highly competitive luxury eyewear industry, it is only the exceptional quality of the products that separates the best from the rest. In a sea of sameness, we found one that may be one of the most unique looking luxury eyewear brands. Unlike other eyewear brands (and there are many), this brand is designed to create revolutionary eyewear with no compromise on quality. Eyewear that is luxurious, strong and elevating.


We are tired of looking at the world through the same old glasses in the market. Longing for something more high-end with better quality and sense for fashion that can be used on a daily basis, we discovered KEVAE. KEVAE is a premium eyewear brand that provides the best in style, artisanship and protection. It is the newest eyewear brand that fuses luxurious craftsmanship with modern design. Founded to elevate your vision, inspired by the world around us and the people in it, it is designed to be luxurious, elegant, and refined, for you.

Elevate Your Vision

The idea behind KEVAE was born from a desire to create a brand that stood for something more than just fashion or trends—something that was transcendent and transcended time itself. KEVAE believes that style is a way of life and that people need to elevate their life in every aspect and should look good while doing so. By creating products that reflect this philosophy, they empower you to elevate your life while they elevate your vision with timeless, elegant frames that will stand the test of time.

Luxury Eyewear

The company was officially launched as a high-end eyewear brand in June 2022 with the aim of bringing together everybody with the feel for fashion and need for luxury. KEVAE emphasizes the importance of quality in a luxurious look to create unique designs while maintaining its fundamental values: sustainability, elevation and innovation.

Gold-Plated Frames

KEVAE eyewear is made of the finest materials, and their luxurious designs are stylish, elegant and timeless. Recently, the brand officially announced the first ever release of KEVAE premium eyewear product: the luxury 18kt gold-plated frame sunglasses. These limited edition glasses are exclusively made in small batches to ensure sustainability and premium quality; only 100 of such models have been produced. The newly released eyewear is ready to elevate the luxury eyewear industry, exclusively made with premium black acetate frames and UV protection lenses. As a luxury Eyewear Brand, KEVAE decides to say no to fast fashion and sees sustainable luxury as the future of modern eyewear fashion with main focus on sustainability.

Refined & Timeless

As the premium fashion eyewear brand that is redefining luxury eyewear. KEVAE aims to provide high-end, fashionable eyewear for the individual that inspires to elevate oneself to become something more and to look good while doing it. This is eyewear with an attitude and personality that fits perfectly into the modern world of visual communication. By applying the philosophy of “Elevate your Vision”, KEVAE Eyewear has created a premium fashion eyewear brand in order to help you elevate your life and look good while doing so. If you are looking for a pair of fashionable, high quality and sustainable frames that will elevate your outfit, KEVAE Eyewear is the right place to go to.

See the world through new lenses care of KEVAE at www.kevae.com