Elevating eSports: True Gamers Unveils Ambitious Plans for Abu Dhabi’s First eSports Island

Elevating eSports: True Gamers Unveils Ambitious Plans for Abu Dhabi's First eSports Island

The plans, which were made public by True Gamers, include a five-star hotel and sophisticated locations for gaming competitions.

Despite experiencing the largest slowdown in the industry’s history, the Middle East is still a leading force in eSports. Plans to construct the first eSports island in history in Abu Dhabi were recently disclosed by True Gamers. The UAE is placing significant bets on the sector and preparing to emerge as the preferred eSports hub for local and global players.

The Middle East is adding an eSports island to its impressive list of investments, to attract the best players in the world and showcase homegrown talent in the gaming industry. According to BCG, the Middle East boasts one of the highest rates of mobile app downloads for gaming worldwide, with over 60% of its population being avid gamers. The timing of True Gamers’ project is ideal, as they recently revealed plans to invest USD 280 million in Abu Dhabi to construct the island.

The island, which will be built along the Al Raha beach between the Al Bandar and Al Dana developments, is expected to cost USD 1 billion when finished. A five-star hotel, cutting-edge locations for national and international competitions, GG Bootcamp-style professional training centers, and even areas for content creation are anticipated to be on the island. Modern gaming PCs, analytical tools, and separate rest areas for relaxation or sleep are anticipated to be provided at the boot camp itself. Additionally, a program for balanced nutrition will be available to gamers. 

The majority of the tournaments on the island will take place at the True Gamers Arena. Numerous spaces for conferences and exhibits are anticipated. There will also be a streaming area, a lot of gaming PCs, and a console area. Regarding the GG Resort, it has 200 rooms equipped with gaming PCs. The property is said to have a pool, a place for gamers to relax, and a view of the beach.

Anton Vasilenko, CEO and co-founder of True Gamers, in a statement, said “We are confident that the suggested business plan will play a key role in making eSports Island a reality because of this thorough examination. Some of the largest eSports competitions in the world have previously taken place in the Middle East”.