Enclave and Key Celebrate Entrepreneur Kelly Ohgee in Ultimate Fashion at the Game Over Talent Mansion

Last Thursday, friends and family of cover star Kelly Ohgee gathered at the Game Over Talent mansion alongside notable creators and celebrities to celebrate a career of success for the young entrepreneur. Over insightful conversation, guests indulged in an at-home hibachi feast and watched as performers danced with fire and defied reality with illusive magic tricks. 

Magician Carlos Suarez performing in front of Kelly Ohgee and friends

If guests had a sweet tooth, Dee’s Mini Pancakes was at the ready whipping up pastry desserts topped with strawberries, syrup, whipped cream & a list of other toppings for you to pick from. Recognizable faces in attendance included social media stars Matthew Espinosa, Tommy Unold, Yeezy Busta, Teala Dunn, and former cover star, Carrington Durham.

Fire Performance by Wildfire Arts Collective

Fire dancers from the Wildfire Arts Collective started the evening off with eye-catching routines that included hula hoops, rope, & hand accessories twirling in flames. The collective held everyone in a state of awe as the troupe skillfully evaded danger with a smile and dance to go along with it.

Kelly Ohgee giving a closing speech to bring the event to a proper finish

To conclude the evening, Kelly Ohgee shared a few words of gratitude and reflected on her journey from learning the beginning stages of investing to now successfully transferring that knowledge to a hungry community of devoted followers that make up Cash Capital Investment Group; Kelly’s e-learning platform that focuses on portfolio advancement primarily through financial markets trading.

Left to Right; Andre Ljustina, Blake Wynn, Yeezy Busta

The event was a catalyst for a handful of memorable moments and acted as the crescendo to Kelly’s years of hard work. In the same breath, it also marked the beginning of a future rooted in longevity and success for everyone involved. Make sure to read the exclusive cover story on Luxury Lifestyle Magazine in partnership with Enclave and Key.