Enclave & Key Team’s Up with Classic Cat To Celebrate Reality TV Star Telli Swift

On Sunset Boulevard rests the iconic Classic Cat, a popular cocktail lounge that’s been the hangout for some of Hollywood’s finest for decades making it the perfect spot to celebrate Reality TV Star & Entrepreneur, Telli Swift, in true fashion.

Telli Swift chatting with Enclave & Key CEO Blake Wynn (left) and Ex-NFL Athlete Hayes Pullard (right)

The evening was a smooth transition from Swift’s second annual golf charity event earlier in the day put on by The Boxing Wags Association, which included stars such as NBA legend Metta World Peace, Warriors’ point guard Chris Paul, former NFL safety TJ Ward, social media icon Adam Waheed, and a dozen other high-profile names. After an active day in the sun, guests of Telli’s now indulged in an open bar with refreshing cocktails and craft beers within Classic Cat’s cool and vibrant atmosphere

The venue was thoughtfully curated with candlelight provided by My Style Candles where great company evoked memorable moments and conversation. Swift’s fiancé Deontay Wilder, also known as “The Bronze Bomber” within the world of professional boxing, was of course in attendance to support his soon-to-be bride sharing a few laughs with friends and acquaintances.

Professional boxer Deontay Wilder enjoying conversation with friends.

To bring the evening to a proper close, Telli expressed sentiments of immense gratitude and appreciation for those who have continued to show support in her list of successful endeavors from her highly respected charity events & entrepreneurial ventures to her popular podcast series, Telli Talks, and reality TV appearances. 

There’s no telling what Swift may involve herself in next, however, it is clear that no matter what the initiative may be, it is sure to be a resounding success. Make sure to read the exclusive cover story on Luxury Lifestyle Magazine in partnership with Enclave and Key.