Ephemeral Media & Brand Building

Ephemeral Media has made such a large impact in the digital media space the past few years, many elder statesmen have made the concept of sharing disappearing content available on their platforms. Storying has spiked user-ship in both Facebook and Instagram while new platforms have been rolling out…Tik Tok (former Musically), Lasso and Facecast.

The God Father of Ephemeral content, “SnapChat”, began the trend of FOMO advertising (Fear of missing out) which elicits an immediate response from viewers – a quick decision to sign up, purchase, download, etc. The short-lived spin of ephemeral content creates urgency, fueled by the fear of missing out, a powerful stimulus of human behavior.

Ephemeral Media Marketing allows the user to engage with a brand on a more personalized level, increasing brand awareness, trust and loyalty.  Some of the best engagement-boosting strategies executed through ephemeral advertising include.

  1. Encouraging user-generated content with branded filters, Geo-filters, etc.  any content – text, videos, images, reviews, etc.- created and shared by users featuring your brand.  This builds trust and community for the brand. 
  2. Running polls and Q&As where you can ask viewers for their opinions or encourage them to submit questions. i.e. “Which color pocket book should my brand use in our next design?” 
  3. Live-streaming videos to communicate with your audience in real time i.e. Matchmakers perform live advise seminars to engage followers and elicit memberships for their dating app. 
  4. Tagging other users and locations to attract more attention, i.e.: “Tag someone you would bring here” …

Statistics show that the concept of sharing disappearing content keeps people highly interested, which allows the opportunity to serve your brand message without being too forceful all while delivering value for your customer. As a bonus, social media platforms are continually updating their engagement features keeping the thrill always fresh.