Exclusive Look: Gordon Ramsay’s Newest Fine-Dining Venture, Lucky Cat, Arrives in Miami

While Gordon Ramsay is renowned in the United States for his fiery television presence and popular mass-market eateries like Hell’s Kitchen and Gordon Ramsay Burger, his prowess in the realm of fine dining often takes a back seat. Yet, with three Michelin stars adorning his eponymous restaurant in London, Ramsay is eager to showcase this facet of his culinary repertoire to American diners.

On February 2nd, Ramsay unveiled a Miami outpost of his U.K.-based Lucky Cat, an Asian-inspired culinary haven born from his extensive travels and experiences across the continent. Departing from the stereotypical image of Ramsay’s ventures, Lucky Cat Miami offers an upscale, club-like ambiance, presenting a menu that pays homage to various Asian regions rather than focusing on a single cuisine.

In an exclusive interview with Robb Report, Ramsay expressed his enthusiasm for bringing Lucky Cat to Miami, emphasizing that fine dining represents his culinary zenith. “I think the fine-dining aspect is me at my best,” he remarked, highlighting his long-standing desire to introduce Lucky Cat’s concept to the vibrant Miami dining scene.

Lucky Cat’s menu boasts an array of delectable offerings spanning sushi, sashimi, buns, dumplings, tempura, skewers, and robata-grilled meats. Standout dishes include the signature confit duck leg bao, Korean-spiced black cod, and a tantalizing lamb larb bowl. Additionally, the Miami location introduces exclusive creations such as the Manila Wagyu roll and baked clay pot glass noodles with Maine lobster and five-spice Berkshire pork belly.

In crafting Lucky Cat’s ambiance, Ramsay drew inspiration from Miami’s dynamic landscape, aiming to capture the city’s renowned vibrancy and flair. The decor draws on the aesthetic of 1930s Tokyo underground pubs, incorporating Japanese artistry, warm wood tones, and Art Deco light fixtures to create an inviting atmosphere. Ramsay emphasizes the crucial role of lighting in setting the mood, underscoring his commitment to ensuring a memorable dining experience for guests.

Despite the competitive Miami dining scene, Ramsay remains optimistic about Lucky Cat’s prospects, acknowledging the city’s culinary evolution while embracing the challenge of introducing a new culinary concept. For Ramsay, Lucky Cat represents more than just another restaurant venture—it’s an opportunity to showcase his culinary heritage and passion for fine dining on an international stage.