Experience Chiawa Camp’s Celestial Dining on the Zambezi River

While safari enthusiasts often rave about the breathtaking wildlife encounters one can have across Africa, there’s another enchanting facet of venturing into the untamed wilderness that deserves equal admiration – the celestial spectacle that graces the night sky.

Thanks to the sparse development and minimal light pollution in many parts of the continent, particularly in countries blessed with vast game reserves, Africa becomes a canvas for a mesmerizing display of stars, comets, and planets once the sun bids adieu.

Nestled along the picturesque Zambezi River’s banks, Chiawa Camp celebrates the sparkling cosmic canopy that stretches above Zambia with its captivating Star Drift experience.

In this exciting offering for the current year, guests are invited to embark on a tranquil twilight voyage over the river, just as the untamed landscape begins to stir to life. Here, they partake in a private four-course dinner meticulously crafted by the camp’s talented chefs. This unique dining experience unfolds upon a sturdy floating pontoon, accompanied by the harmonious symphony of the surrounding wilderness – the majestic herds of elephants and the chorus of hippos echoing through the night.

As the night sky takes center stage, it’s time to retire to the nearby Star Bed – an open-air, four-poster bed perched atop a 13-foot tower, discreetly positioned downstream from the main Chiawa Camp. This vantage point overlooks a wildlife-rich inlet and offers guests the perfect blend of romance and adventure. To ensure utmost safety during this wild escapade, a two-way radio is thoughtfully provided – a precautionary measure that adds a sense of security to the safari experience.

Following a night spent under the celestial expanse, guests are gently awakened to a fresh breakfast delivery, allowing them to savor the morning in the comfort of their elevated Star Bed. As the sun’s gentle rays paint the landscape anew, guests can revel in the tower’s nature-inspired design, accentuated by locally crafted furnishings and a soothing, earthy color palette. On the tower’s first floor, a purpose-built photographic hide beckons, providing the perfect perch to capture captivating snapshots of the surrounding wildlife. Subsequently, guests can return to the main camp, brimming with excitement for another day packed with thrilling safari adventures.