Fashion Extravaganza: Burberry’s Avenue Montaigne Store Unveils the Essence of Elegance

Its Spring and Summer 2024 collections are currently housed here. Burberry is expanding its retail presence in Paris, France, with the opening of a new location.

Situated on Avenue Montaigne, the new store is part of the city’s upscale shopping district. Apart from being just another store, though, the location is notable for the way it pays homage to the brand’s past and its ever-evolving creative vision. Key design elements can be observed in features such as store windows that draw inspiration from the EKD and pay homage to its iconic decals, which include the horse and shield.

The two-story area is further enhanced by fixtures that feature handcrafted sculptures that draw inspiration from both the creative salvage movement of the 1980s and British abstract art of the 1960s. The concrete floor of the store, which features a handcrafted Burberry EKD mosaic made of Verde Alpi marble, is another striking design element.

The store’s inventory consists of clothing, accessories, and shoes from the brand’s Spring and Summer 2024 collections. The wardrobe is extensive, featuring both men’s and women’s clothing in typical store style. Accessories such as the Knight and Rocking Horse bags are among its special highlights.

View the gallery above to get a glimpse of Burberry’s new location on 17-19 Avenue Montaigne in Paris.