Fendi’s Celestial Domination: The Astrological Summer Capsule Enchants the Jewel Court of South Coast Plaza

Established in Rome in 1925, Fendi (pronounced as [ˈfɛndi]) stands as an esteemed Italian luxury fashion house renowned for its exquisite creations encompassing fur, ready-to-wear attire, leather goods, footwear, fragrances, eyewear, timepieces, and accessories. The brand has garnered global acclaim for its exceptional expertise in crafting opulent fur garments, luxurious fur accessories, and impeccable leather goods.

In a delightful tribute to Fendi’s Astrology Capsule, an enchanting swim and beachwear collection designed to celebrate each unique star sign, the prestigious Italian fashion house has captivated the Jewel Court of South Coast Plaza, an iconic shopping haven in Costa Mesa, California. The vibrant red and white stripes, synonymous with this celestial collection, gracefully adorn the balustrades, while a striking Fendi script welcomes visitors to a mesmerizing circular installation at the heart of the court. Here, the captivating astrological prints of the Fendi Summer Capsule come alive, immersing guests in a captivating world of cosmic allure.

Within this captivating space, guests will discover an all-encompassing experience, where an interactive video booth with a celestial astrology theme awaits. This immersive attraction allows visitors to embark on a personalized journey through a tailored digital animation. By selecting their own astrological sign, they will be transported into a mesmerizing starry sky, with a custom video capturing their presence in this ethereal realm, ready to be shared across social media platforms. Embracing the rich heritage of Fendi, the Astrology Summer Capsule draws inspiration from the iconic collections of Spring/Summer 1990 and Spring/Summer 1993, while incorporating the signature elements established by the visionary Artistic Director, Kim Jones. This curated ensemble of timeless designs not only pays homage to Fendi’s illustrious past but also serves as a manifestation of the brand’s contemporary vision, specially curated to enhance the forthcoming summer season.

Featuring a captivating array of colors including white, pink, blue, brown, orange, and black, meticulously derived from FENDI’s recent ready-to-wear lineup, the collection exudes an audacious spirit. This bold assemblage proudly showcases the written zodiac signs in both English and Italian, alongside the exquisite astrological prints originally envisioned by the legendary Karl Lagerfeld. With a touch of irreverence, the collection effortlessly captures FENDI’s innate sense of playfulness and practicality. The sporty silhouettes that once graced the 1993 runway now make a triumphant return as statement swimwear for the current season. Crafted from recycled lycra, these iconic designs are presented in a versatile waterproof pochette, ingeniously designed to adapt to the needs of summertime essentials, further emphasizing FENDI’s commitment to both fashion-forward aesthetics and functionality.