Ferrari Purosangue: A New Beginning 

On September 13th of, 2022, Ferarri announced their first vehicle that will forever change the lineage of the legendary manufacturer. A 725hp, V12 motor that sits on a brand new aluminum chassis, redesigned for change. The Purosangue is an all-new platform laid out for greatness. This four-door vehicle sets the tone for many competitors, with a 0-60mph time of 3.3 seconds and a top speed of a remarkable 193mph; this prancing horse is not to be messed with. The Italian word “Purosangue” directly translates to “Thoroughbred,” although the car has not yet been released, many consumers are confident it will live up to its name. 

Ferrari has thrown everything in its arsenal at the Purosangue. That glorious V-12 is perhaps a peace offering to the outraged traditionalists, but it’s coupled with technologies borrowed from pure sports cars like the 296 GTB or 812 Competizione. It all makes sense regardless much of a Frankenstein build this SUV is. Sitting at a curb weight of almost 5,000 pounds, Ferrari compensated for its massive weight with an ingenious 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox at the back between the rear wheels. This configuration helps give the car a near-perfect 49:51 weight distribution front-to-rear. In the automotive world, a near 1:1 weight bias means everything when laying down tons of power to the tarmac.

Moving towards the car’s cabin, the Purosangue keeps much of the traditional layout you would expect in a Ferrari but with a modern splash of technology to stay with the flow of time. Featuring a new dual-like monitor setup, Ferrari is offering both the driver and passenger a 10.2-inch display installed with all of your infotainment needs. Apart from the plush leather, Alcantara, and carbon fiber trimmings, the Purosangue interior also flaunts a carpet made from polyamide recycled fishing nets, and a newly derived Alcantara, using 68 percent post-consumer recycled polyester.

All opinions aside, this vehicle is like no other car Ferrari has ever made; many would have never thought the brand would ever run down such a path that would “deter” the company from its native roots. When the car officially releases in late 2023, most consumers will likely grow to like it and or love the Purosangue for what it truly is.