Fireworks in the Sky: SpaceX’s Record-Breaking Unmanned Starship Explodes in Spectacular Fashion

Recent statements by SpaceX’s CEO Elon Musk, “an exciting test launch” have again gained light. In Boca Chica, Tax., SpaceX’s Starship was launched on Thursday morning, but soon after its launch, the Starship got exploded into the stratosphere. However, this unmanned test has been considered a success by the SpaceX’s engineers, and even, CEO Elon Musk has appraised this success.

Why is it said a successful launch, even after its failure, and explosion?

The reason behind it is, the Starship was lifted by 16.5 million pounds of thrust, which is the biggest, most powerful, and tallest rocket to take flight. Its length was 340-foot, which is in itself one of the biggest, and tallest heights.

As per SpaceX’s live video stream data, the craft had successfully cleared the launch pad, and it survived the MaxQ. It is the moment, and situation when the aerodynamic loads on the vehicle are at the greatest.

As per the sources, when Starship was climbing gradually, it appeared like Starship’s some engines at the base of Super Heavy Booster were not firing. For this test, SpaceX’s Raptor engines were used, with a giant booster called Super Heavy.

According to BBC reports, six engines were not working properly on its flight, it is possible that the
engineers might have made the decision to shut down some of them.

It was the Super Heavy Booster that failed to separate from the Starship. It is reported that the rocket began to spin out of control, and after that, it blew up. It is expected that the explosion was the result of a command for self-destruction by the company SpaceX ground control team.

Even though the test could not make it properly, and blew up at the rocket’s first spin, it has been considered a historic moment. In the live video, which came directly from SpaceX’s headquarters, in California, it was seen that the team was seen cheering and acknowledging the monumental feat. Elon Musk, on his Twitter account, congratulated the team for an exciting test launch.