Five of Europe’s Most Exclusive Destinations

If you’re in search of a luxury break in Europe, then there are certain destinations which will hold considerable appeal. Whether you’re looking for fine dining, spectacular scenery, or luxury facilities, these are the places you’re sure to find them.


What corner of Europe could be more synonymous with luxury than Monaco? This is an independent state which encapsulates all that’s wonderful about the French Riviera. It’s packed with opulent, world-class hotels, Michelin-star restaurants and amazing entertainment. It’s a great place to find luxury yachts for charter, too, with which you’ll be able to explore the rest of the Mediterranean. 

Capri, Italy

The famous island of Capri sits just off the just-as-famous Amalfi Coast. It epitomises Italian glitz, providing inspiration to travellers for centuries. In the Victorian era, it enjoyed a stellar reputation among the world’s most famous celebrities, and it remains attractive thanks to amazing destinations like Positano and Sorrento. 

Porto Cervo, Sardinia

Porto Cervo is a part of the Emerald Coast, in Sardinia. It offers an entirely different sort of Italian culture, with an emphasis on exclusive restaurants and hotels. You’ll be able to dine in full view of the sea, before going on to enjoy the incredible local nightlife. At the center is Ciacchiere Square, designed by Luigi Vietti. It’s here that you’ll find most of the best bars and restaurants, lining the narrow streets that emanate from the square.

Marbella, Spain

If you’d prefer a Spanish adventure, then Marbella is difficult to beat. It enjoys blistering sunshine for much of the year, and offers an impressive thirty-six ‘Flagged Certificate’ high-quality beaches. There are also several luxury hotels to choose from, ranging from established buildings like the Gran Meliá Don Pepe, and the Puente Romano, to newer ones like the Hard Rock Hotel. 

During your stay, you’ll want to spend some time in Puerto Banús, whose glittering marina offers an impressive range of boutique bars and restaurants. The food in this part of the world caters to a range of tastes; you’ll even find Michelin-star Japanese food at Takumi.

St Moritz, Switzerland

For those looking for a skiing adventure, few Alpine resorts can hope to compete with St Moritz. There are many properties in the area offering direct access to the slopes, meaning that you’ll be able to get in and out of your accommodation with minimal walking. 

For those who aren’t looking to ski, there’s still plenty to like about St Mortiz. You might elect to go snow-shoeing, or even ice skating. During summer, an entirely different range of activities are on offer, including golf and tennis. Strap on a set of hiking boots, and you’ll be able to explore the mountains and take in some of the most incredible sun-kissed scenery that the continent has to offer.