For the new Messika campaign, Alton Mason Joins Kendall Jenner

Messika campaign

The background for Valerie Messika’s 2023 campaign, which was inspired by American cinema and stars the iconic Kendall Jenner and the well-known dancer and actor Alton Mason, is made up of vintage cars and bright Pontiacs. After a fruitful year as the face of their 2022 campaign, Jenner has returned for 2023 alongside Mason, who is the brand’s first male face. The brand’s campaign features a stunning shoot with multiple sources of inspiration and a focus on the exploration of color, stacking contemporary jewelry and fusing both color and designs. 

With a multifaceted shoot that pays homage to the young model’s love of classic American cars, Jenner’s commanding gaze and pose continue her partnership with Messika. “Kendall exudes a strong sense of presence naturally in front of the camera. She can be seen with just a glance. She is a successful, self-assured woman who is in step with contemporary society, embodying values that are shared by our home. According to Valerie Messika, this is the strength of the Messika family, which is ingrained in the spirit of the time. 

Alton Mason, an American dancer who is writing a new chapter in his history book with Messika, powerfully embodied a shoot that was resolutely modern and invited restrained styling. Alton served as our male model for our second show. This combination was extremely effective. firmly rooted in the fashion industry. Alton dances and performs constantly. With our energy, this works perfectly, says Messika. 

The arid, mineral, and unpolished desert contrasts beautifully with the glimmer of latex, gold, and diamonds. With their glossy colors and leather and velvet interiors, Pontiacs add a retro touch. The Messika collections are displayed in an offbeat and laid-back environment created by a play of contrasting materials against the backdrop of the American desert. 

The shoot was led by international fashion photographer Chris Colls, who worked closely with Valerie Messika to create a multifaceted trilogy. The shoot features both Kendall Jenner and Alton Mason, who bring diamonds to life. The trilogy pays tribute to American cinema in three acts: Red, Blue, and Violet. The shoot is a brilliant staging of the brand’s jewelry collections.

Messika campaign

In the new campaign, Jenner and Mason take a contemporary road trip in a glossy Pontiac with leather seats, drawing inspiration from the America of the 1960s. Jenner’s character is mysterious and free, like the heroines of Hitchcock’s movies, driving a bright red Pontiac. She embodies different personas, like a modern-day Grace Kelly, a new Thelma & Louise, or a strong heroine from a Quentin Tarantino film.

Second-skin jewels called D-Vibes contour to the body’s curves. Unrestrained variations on the traditional diamond rivere; contemporary and audacious pieces. Each piece reads like a free score with alternating bands of gold and diamonds, jewels that establish a fresh tempo.