Four Seasons Unveils Its Mammoth 679-Foot Cruise Ship: A Waterborne Suites-Only Resort

Mammoth 679-Foot Cruise Ship

Four Seasons is on a mission to redefine the concept of yachting as we know it. In an announcement made at the Monaco Yacht Show, the company provided an update on its colossal 679-foot vessel, a project expected to cost over $420 million and set to make its grand debut in late 2025.

Larry Pimental, the President and CEO of Marc-Henry Cruise Holdings, responsible for overseeing the vessel’s design and construction, proudly stated that this superyacht is unlike any other in the world. With accommodations for 195 guests spread across 95 opulent suites and a crew of around 210 members, it promises a one-of-a-kind experience.

What sets Four Seasons’ yacht apart is its crew – not hired from external sources, but staffed entirely by Four Seasons chefs and personnel. This distinct approach distinguishes it from privately-owned superyachts.

Further details about the vessel’s design were also disclosed, with a highlight being the four-deck “Funnel” suite situated at the bow, covering a staggering 9,500 square feet. It boasts the largest curved glass structure among leisure vessels. The bottom floor of the Funnel serves as a complete deck apartment, complete with a private kitchen and access to an exclusive outdoor deck. The yacht’s design also incorporates sliding walls, allowing for flexible configuration of living spaces throughout the vessel.

While renderings of the staterooms and interior spaces were not released, Four Seasons President and CEO Alejandro Reynal confirmed that the interior designs are nearing completion, with final approvals on the horizon. Reynal added that the Four Seasons Yacht has captured the interest of the brand’s top clientele, with many of them expected to be among the first guests to embark on this remarkable cruise.

Tillberg Design is the firm behind the vessel’s design, which leans more towards a yacht aesthetic than a traditional cruise ship. Apart from the impressive Funnel, another standout feature is the 66-foot-long swimming pool, inspired by the iconic 1960s superyacht Christina O, known for hosting numerous world leaders and Hollywood celebrities.

The construction of this grand vessel will be carried out by the renowned Italian shipyard Fincantieri. Technical innovations include what the company dubs as the world’s first “variable-speed diesels,” advanced stabilization systems, and the potential for conversion to green methane power as technology advances. The shipyard has rigorously tested over 1,000 hull shapes to optimize performance.

Additionally, the yacht will feature two “marinas” that fold out from opposite sides of the vessel, providing guests with access to tenders and water sports.

The target audience for this exceptional cruise experience is not necessarily yacht owners or avid boaters but high-net-worth individuals who seek the epitome of luxury travel. As Pimental puts it, “We’re really in a category of one.” The vessel’s flexible design, luxurious amenities, and spacious staterooms are what set it apart.

The inaugural season will encompass winter and spring cruises in the Caribbean, followed by voyages in the Mediterranean, exploring the French and Italian Riviera, and the Greek islands. The first-year itinerary includes visits to 33 countries and 137 destinations, with two additional yachts set to join the fleet in 2026 and 2027.