Fun Things to See and Do in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California - Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California - Photo via Pexels by Tae Fuller

The city of San Francisco is not only popular for its iconic landmarks and diverse culture. It is also where you can see and do tons of activities. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or an adventure seeker, San Francisco has something special to offer.

Apart from all that, exploring the City by the Bay will indulge you to spend at least a few days to make the most of your time enjoying the must-see attractions and fun activities that make this city a perfect travel, holiday, or vacation destination.

To make your trip even more enjoyable, you can opt for private transportation as it can provide more convenience for you while exploring the enchanting streets of the city at your own pace. Cheap car rental San Francisco airport deals will help you embark on a journey filled with breathtaking views, delicious cuisine, and unforgettable experiences.

Why rent a car when visiting San Francisco

You can explore a dozen ways to get around the city that will suit your needs and level of comfort. But the advantages that you get from renting a car while in the city simply make it worthwhile. Here are a few reasons why it is a wise choice for a foreign or local visitor.

Flexibility. Explore the city and its surroundings at your own pace, while avoiding typical tourist routes.

Scenic Drives. Enjoy iconic routes like the Pacific Coast Highway, taking in breathtaking landscapes.

Convenience for Day Trips. Easily access attractions outside the city, such as Napa Valley or Muir Woods, without relying on public transportation.

Accessibility to Hidden Gems. Discover local treasures and off-the-beaten-path destinations that may be challenging to reach by other means.

Time Efficiency. Optimize your schedule and visit more attractions without being dependent on public transportation schedules.

Convenient Airport Transfers. Simplify your airport transfers by eliminating the need to wait for taxis or shuttle services.

Cost-Effective for Groups. For groups, renting a car can be more economical than purchasing multiple public transportation tickets.

Explore Beyond City Limits. Venture into the diverse landscapes surrounding San Francisco, from mountains to beaches, for outdoor activities and natural wonders.

Fun things to see and do while you are in San Francisco

There are no limits when it comes to things that you can see and do while spending a wonderful time in San Francisco. You can check out the following key areas that the City by the Bay has to offer.

  • Golden Gate Bridge

Take a stroll or ride a bike across this iconic bridge for stunning views of the bay and city skyline.

  • Alcatraz Island

Take a tour to the historic prison on Alcatraz Island and learn about its fascinating past.

  • Fisherman’s Wharf

Explore the lively atmosphere, seafood delights, and attractions like Pier 39 and its famous sea lions.

  • Cable Car Ride

Experience the charm of San Francisco with a ride on a classic cable car, offering panoramic views of the place.

  • Golden Gate Park

Spend a day in this spacious park, home to museums, gardens, and recreational activities.

  • Muir Woods National Monument

Escape to Muir Woods to take a gaze at the royal redwood trees in a relaxing setting.

  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Get mesmerized in contemporary art at SFMOMA, featuring a wide collection of paintings, sculptures, and interactive exhibits.

  • Bay Area Discovery Museum

If you’re traveling with children, visit the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito, offering hands-on exhibits and outdoor play areas.

  • Lands End Trail

Hike along the Lands End Trail for breathtaking coastal views, passing by the Sutro Baths and dramatic cliffs.

How to get the best car rental deals in San Francisco

You might be thinking that renting a car can be an expensive option to consider. But you can get great deals if you keep a few helpful tips in mind so that you can fully experience the best that San Francisco has to offer.

  1. Book your rental in advance. Secure better rates by booking your rental car well in advance because prices often increase as the rental date approaches.
  2. Have a price comparison. Use online comparison tools to explore prices from various car rental companies. Different providers may offer different rates for similar vehicles.
  3. Discounts and coupons. Look for discounts or coupons offered by car rental companies. These can be found on their websites, through membership programs, or by using third-party discount platforms.
  4. Adjust duration of rental. Take advantage of weekly rates, as they are often more cost-effective than daily rates. Also, be mindful of the pickup and drop-off times, as exceeding the 24-hour mark might result in an extra day charge.
  5. Consider off-airport locations. Renting a car from an off-airport location might be cheaper than renting from the airport. Check out nearby rental offices and use public transportation or a shuttle service to get there.
  6. Select the vehicle size. Choose a car size from Dollar Rental Car that will suit your needs. Smaller cars are generally more economical, and larger ones may come with higher rental fees and fuel costs.
  7. Join loyalty program offers. Check out some loyalty programs offered by car rental companies in the area. Members often enjoy benefits such as discounts, free upgrades, and faster check-in/check-out options.
  8. Use credit card benefits. Check if your credit card offers rental car insurance or discounts. Some credit cards provide coverage, eliminating the need for additional insurance offered by the rental company.
  9. Inspect the car thoroughly. Before driving off, inspect the car for any pre-existing damage, and make sure it’s documented by the rental company. This can prevent you from being charged for damages you didn’t cause.
  10. Understand Rental Policies. Familiarise yourself with the rental policies, including mileage limits, additional driver fees, and age restrictions. Understanding all details about the policies can help you avoid surprises in the future.

You can make the most out of your car rental deals by being practical, comparing options, and understanding the terms will help you enjoy a smooth and cost-effective travel experience.