Ganesia Wveighlin: The Rising Fashion Designer of CAESARWALKS

Designer Ganesia Wveighlin of CaesarWalks

Albeit still relatively unknown, Atlanta-based designer, Ganesia Wveighlin, has envisioned a very distinctive footwear style in a world full-choked with over-the-top luxury shoes. In 2017, she created a simple, minimalist, and practical velvet loafer, and a metal toe Chelsea Boot that evokes a timeless sense of elegance. Considering that there is no match for Italian craftsmanship when it comes to shoemaking, CaesarWalks prefers the bulk of their collections made in Italy by the finest shoe artisans and their other collections made in Portugal. 

One of the youngest shoe designers on the list of luxury footwear brands, Ganesia Wveighlin has positioned herself at just 31 years old among the royal shoe brands like Christian Louboutin, Gucci, and Balenciaga. Her creations reflect a combination of lace-up boots, Chelsea boots with black and silver metal toe, and loafers. All of her creations combine an elegant design with innovative materials.  CaesarWalks shoes make your feet feel like they are part of the shoe design.  Educated in Economics, inspired by fashion and art, Wveighlin has succeeded in creating a new era of shoe design.  If you want to eclipse anyone at any event, these are the shoes to go for. Undoubtedly, Wveighlin is one of the emerging designers who are truly making waves in the competitive world of shoe fashion. Granted, some collections you might need to save some bucks for but in the end, each design under the CaesarWalks collection offers unique styles and creations for all wallets.