Generation Next Leads Robotic Invasion

We, as a society, have entered an era of epic technological transformation and as businesses prepare for the incoming influx of unattended retail’s adaptation to traditional business models, Generation NEXT paves the way for the future, leading the industry-shifting robotic invasion. 

Shattering the brick and mortar norm this San Diego based company has positioned itself as a principal leader in Disruptive Consumer Robotics and Automation in the form of Unattended Retail Vending Kiosks. With over 200 vending robots already active in the field and 4000 robots presold, Generation NEXT has written over $160 million in contracts, leaving the competition in the dust. Demonstrating the general feasibility, and scientific and technical effectiveness of advanced robotic services, Generation NEXT proves successful as it integrates its intelligent robotic vending technologies into the most convenient environments. 

Generation NEXT, a publicly traded company under the symbol OTCBB: VEND, is parent company to Reis and Irvy’s Inc. and 19 Degrees Corporate Service LLC, the former being launched in 2016 and since established as a revolutionary vending robot that serves six different flavors of frozen yogurt, ice cream sorbets and gelatos with six topping options to customers within 60 seconds and the latter being a company managed portfolio that consists of Reis & Irvy’s kiosks situated at high-traffic locations in markets where the company does not have independent franchisees allowing investors passive returns while the robots do all the work. 

As the developer of the world’s first fully-automated robotic frozen yogurt and ice cream vending kiosk, Generation NEXT is committed to the development of these technologies as it aims to heighten the potential of customer satisfaction while simultaneously providing ground-breaking point-of-sale solutions across the food, beverage and frozen confectionery industries around the world. 

Partnering with industry front-runners, Generation NEXT’s robotic kiosks ride a path of promising upward trajectory. Flex, a global leader providing advanced engineering from sketch to scale, manufactures the kiosks with precision and the company’s exclusive agreement with Compass provides these kiosks with a presence on college campuses, hospitals, sports arenas and even large corporations. The company’s partnership with Dannon, the world’s largest frozen yogurt company, ensures quality product for the final deliverable into the customer’s hands. 

Founder and CEO Nick Yates, believes that amidst this rapid-changing technological age, automation provides a cost-effective and lucrative approach opposed to traditional, archaic business models of the past. His strategic franchising business model is set up to provide the opportunity for business growth and offers locations a concrete and reliable revenue opportunity. 

Dominating the industry and making massive headway against competitors, Generation NEXT has entered contracts for the sale of over 4,144 kiosks through franchise agreements and commitments. The company predicts between 330 and 380 installations of Reis and Irvy’s unattended retail kiosks during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019 with annual revenue recognized between $12.5 million and $14.4 million.  

This is just the beginning for Generation NEXT and its robotic invasion. With global expansion in sight the company has licensed intellectual property to entrepreneurs in three different countries and increased their monthly capacity allowing more than 150 robotic kiosks per month as of May, 2019. Generation NEXT is focused on finding industries that require disruption in the form of robotics and unattended retail as they continue to break barriers in this ever-evolving technological time.