German Shipbuilder Lürssen Delivers 400-ft Yacht Kismet

German shipbuilder Lürssen has just delivered its latest superyacht, Kismet. Leaving the shipyard for the first time on May 7, Kismet was reportedly designed and built for Shahid Khan, the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars and English Premier League soccer team Fulham FC.

Derived from Arabic, ‘kismet’ means a ‘hypothetical force that determines the course of future events,’ or fate. This is not the first yacht owned by Khan to bear the name. His previous Kismet, also built by Lürssen, was a 313-ft superyacht sold last year by Cecil Wright. Khan didn’t have to wait long for his replacement, which is, of course, bigger and better than the old one.

Measuring 400 ft in length (including the bowsprit) with a 58-ft beam, the new Kismet was designed specifically by the Italian firm Nuvolari-Lenard to showcase exceptional volume without compromising sleek and elegant lines. Upon initial viewing, eyes are immediately drawn to the mast and bow figure, which resemble a jaguar—perhaps a nod to Khan’s football team.

While the ship’s exterior is impressive, the true grandeur is revealed inside. The interiors were handled by Reymond Langton Design, a recurring collaborator for Khan, who focused on designing the ship’s interior to reflect the owner’s unique lifestyle.

Shock, awe, and opulence define Kismet. The yacht features a two-level open-plan entrance area, adorned with sweeping video walls for maximum arrival impact. The lower decks house a Nemo cinema (Captain or Clownfish not specified) with a 150-in television and an underwater seating area. There is also a spa onboard, modestly referred to as a “luxurious 7-star wellness area,” although the official body that delivered this adjudication remains unnamed.

As a Lürssen yacht, Kismet is fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology and technical systems. A hybrid power train capable of operating in full-electric mode places Kismet among the most powerful and energy-efficient superyachts in the world. The ship’s generators are fitted with a heat recovery system used to heat the pool, while a dynamic positioning system can anchor her in sensitive areas.

“The owner’s brief was challenging,” said Peter Lürssen, CEO of Lürssen. “However, we believe that with our technical expertise, we have fulfilled the owner’s wish and vision for a yacht that will remain timeless and ahead of its time for many years to come. Our thanks go to the excellent design and communication with designers Nuvolari-Lenard and Reymond Langton and the Lürssen project team. Special thanks go to the competent and experienced Owner’s team, Kyle and Gerry Fultz.”

Marking the third time Khan has ordered a yacht from Lürssen, Kismet is set to spend her first season in the Mediterranean and can be chartered through Cecil Wright.