Guerlain Commemorates 170 Years of the Bee Bottle with an Exclusive Collaboration with Begüm Khan

Celebrating its 170th anniversary, Guerlain’s iconic Bee Bottle, also known as the ‘Abeille’ bottle, receives a luxurious makeover through an exclusive collaboration with acclaimed jewelry designer Begüm Kiroglu from Begüm Khan. This limited edition masterpiece is a testament to the rich history dating back to its creation by the revered French perfume house in 1853. Begüm Khan, known for infusing mystical Eastern influences into her designs, was the perfect choice to reimagine the Bee Bottle, given her expertise in transforming creatures like bees, beetles, and birds into stunning jewelry pieces.

Meticulously hand-painted in opulent 24-carat gold, the iconic Bee Bottle takes on a new form, featuring a breathtaking centerpiece—a resplendent beetle bedecked with an impressive array of 440 gems. This one-liter marvel sits upon eight jewels inspired by the majestic Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey, adorned with over 1000 hand-set gems, each meticulously crafted in the artist’s Istanbul ateliers.

The exceptional piece, featuring the Imagine Guerlain fragrance in its Eau de Parfum version, marks a lavish ode to the enchantment of Christmas. It unveils an enchanting olfactory journey, opening with a captivating blend of exquisite floral notes intertwined with subtle hints of citrusy orange, gradually revealing lively woody undertones that culminate in an irresistibly warm and sensual composition.

Ann-Caroline Prazan, the brand’s director of art, culture, and heritage, underlined Guerlain’s longstanding tradition of collaborating with top-tier artists to create remarkable works of art.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Begüm Khan expressed her fondness for unconventional creatures like beetles and bees in her designs. Humorously, she remarked, ‘When you look at the bee closely, it [looks] strange. You don’t want to touch it.’

The Bee Bottle by Begüm Khan stands as an exclusive limited edition, with only 40 numbered pieces available globally. Earlier this year, Guerlain paid tribute to the Bee Bottle’s 170th anniversary with a limited-edition flacon, crafted by the esteemed Glassmaker Aristide Najean and priced at $27,000.