Honda Sets Up First Motorcycle Battery Swap Station


Honda has announced that it has begun sales of a new battery swapping station known as “The Honda Power Pack Exchanger e”. This battery swapping station is able to simultaneously charge multiple units of Honda Mobile Power Pack e (MPPe) and it allows electric scooter or motorcycle riders to swap out their nearly depleted batteries for a freshly charged MPPe. This enables efficient use of electrified mobility products without waiting for the batteries to get charged.


To swap batteries, users only need to scan their IC card (integrated circuit card or smart card) for user authentication. Based on the user’s mobility information the station determines which fully-charged batteries are appropriate and alerts the user via an LED display. 

The first unit was delivered to Gachaco Inc., a battery sharing service joint venture. They’ve begun operation of the first mass-production model of the Honda Power Pack Exchanger e. 

Honda is striving to contribute to the electrification of mobility products and with this new innovative project they’ve tackled the three main challenges that come with this process: short range, long charging time and high battery cost. That’s why a battery swapping system like “The Honda Power Pack Exchanger e” can be a game changer in the world of electric vehicles and it can help expand the use of renewable energy in the future.